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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has the TV shows Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter on ABC at the moment, and Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix. ABC will soon see Most Wanted, Damage Control, and an Untitled series being developed by John Ridley. To add to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix will see Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders.

Eventually the MCU will expand with more shows, maybe ones like The Runaways and Moon Knight. But I think there is a better option for a new series, and the series would work on ABC or Netflix. But the series I would like to see is Journey Into Mystery.

The show wouldn't be like others. Every episode would follow a new character. The first about Doc Samson, the next about Kate Bishop, and the next about the Leader. The show would follow heroes, villains, and people in the middle. Show characters we haven't yet seen in the MCU, or bringing in old characters like Lady Sif and the Warriors Three.

In order for the show to be consistent, it may need a Claire Temple type character. Claire Temple is appearing in every Netflix show so far, and will until The Defenders. In this show, there should be a character who appears in many episodes, tying them all together.

Another way to go with this series would to make it like The X-Files and the beginning of Agents of SHIELD. Have a character or a group of characters, going around the world looking for supernatural events. They dive into the mystery of a character or group.

And with the title, there are many options. Some are Journey Into Mystery (which I think is the best), Astonishing Tales, Strange Tales, or Tales to Astonish.

What do you think? Do you want to see a Journey Into Mystery TV show? Do you like any of my ideas? Please, let me know!


Would you like to see a Journey Into Mystery TV/Netflix Series?


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