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Writer and director Shane Black (The Long Kiss Goodnight) is considered the godfather of the modern day buddy-action film. In the 1987, he wrote Lethal Weapon, which paired two contrasting leads while blending personal drama, humor, and huge action sequences. It went on to be a smash-hit and established a formula that has been mimicked for over three decades.

Black most recently attempted to implement his trademark in the polarizing Marvel blockbuster Iron Man 3, with Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle. This first look at The Nice Guys brings to mind another of Black's films, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The movie that served to resuscitate Robert Downey Jr's career when it was at a low point and put him in a position to become Iron Man. The Nice Guys is about an unlucky P.I. and his violent partner who get into an investigation that goes way over their heads. However, it seems that the charm of the movie doesn't necessarily lie in the plot, but the interactions between characters.

Ryan Gosling is known for taking chances, however we might not have ever seen him in a role this bumbling and comedic. It certainly contrasts the more introspective and angst-driven characters that he is known for, which is a refreshing change of pace. Russell Crowe is back with a character that he seems to naturally inhabit, as he has proven in the past that the 1970's era fits him well. As well as his proven penchant for knocking fools out. He is the muscle and straight man of the "comedy" duo and it looks to be his most memorable turn, since his stint on Krypton in Man of Steel. The movie also serves as a bit of a reunion for Crowe as he acts opposite Kim Basinger again, who both proved their film noir credibility in the 1990's classic, L.A. Confidential. It seems that this has all of the elements to be something special. Enjoy the trailer.


In 1970s Los Angeles, a down-on-his-luck private eye (Ryan Gosling) and his tough partner (Russell Crowe) investigate the disappearance of a girl and the death of a porn star.

The Nice Guys opens in theaters on May 20th, 2016.

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