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Sfx makeup, beauty makeup, and all things in between are my passion! I love sharing it and learning along with you!

I've only been doing SFX makeup for a few months now, completely self-taught, and I've learned so much more than I thought I could. It's amazing, all the work that goes into making various looks, but also what you can use as cheaper, simpler alternatives to make incredible looks!

At home prosthetics:

My biggest interest is in prosthetics. Making them almost solely out of liquid latex, cotton balls, tissue paper or gelatin, which are all incredibly easy to access. When using at home-products, however, it's vital to ensure you're doing it in a safe manner, whether you're using it on yourself or especially on someone else! All chemicals can be harmful if used incorrectly! :) I've come so far by just watching YouTube videos and teaching myself. The biggest thing when practicing with liquid latex and cotton/tissue is learning how to blend your edges in with your skin, and ensure it's as seamless as possible. This makes the look more believable! My biggest inspiration is is Mykie ("glam and gore") and how accessible she makes her looks, and uses simple products when she can to teach her viewers. I hope to be like that as well! Practice makes better, because no one is ever perfect!

Here are some samples I've done of liquid latex/cotton creations:



Missing face

Oops, my eye fell out

Homemade Products:

When done safely, you can make many products at home to save money when you're just starting out! It may not be the same quality as store-bought, but when you're just learning that's okay! Blood (of various colors), gelatin (for prosthetics, molds, etc.), pus, etc. can all be made at home with simple store-bought ingredients! Learning to safely store these homemade products is important. I learned from Bonnie Corban and Goldie Starling (both on YouTube!).

  • Blood: corn starch, light corn syrup, black and red food coloring
  • Gelatin: 1 part glycerin, 1 part water, 1 part gelatin powder
  • Pus: (this is just something I came up with quickly, there's probably a better way) vaseline, tiny amount of glycerin, yellow, white, greenish paint mixed in.
heart/organ made out of glycerin!
heart/organ made out of glycerin!

I'm FAR from a professional – I'm still starting out myself! But with lots of practice, patience and dedication you can go far!

Getting the basics down (cuts, bruising, burns, etc.) is a good start, and going from there the possibilities are endless! I hope this helps someone, somewhere!

Here are some more of my looks that are built on basic techniques!

Side gash

Black eye



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