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Rowan Odom

I had very little faith going into this movie, I expected some B-rate dumb fun horror movie...and boy was I surprised. The only reason I really went to see this movie was because I heard about the movie's practical effects, and i'm a big sucker for good practical effects now and days because it is so rarely seen. I love horror comedies so I was still looking to have some fun and watch some horror with good effects.

Krampus ended up being my favorite movie this year, I urge you to go see Krampus as soon as possible! This is a fantastic horror movie packed with laughs. The movie reminds me of Evil Dead 2 in a way of it's blending of horror and comedy, as well as the creatures being a bit taunting to the family. The effects in this movie were so great that they rival many CGI-Filled big films this year, and I'm not going to be afraid to admit that the practical effects in this movie looks better than the effects in films this year like Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man because I can look at those movies and say "Yeah I can tell that wasn't actually there when filming, I can see that this is CGI" but when I see someone in this movie getting attacked I actually think "My god, that thing is real, it is actually attacking that person!" because effort was put into this horror movie, horror movies now have very little effort put into them, like The Gallows and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the only other horror movie I would say had actual effort put into it was The Green Inferno, which was disappointing in my opinion.

The easiest way to sum up this movie is that it's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation meets Evil Dead 2. I was originally going to give the film a 9 but I really thought about it and my previous 10/10 movie that I declared was my favorite of the year, Steve Jobs, I don't think I am going to watch it every year like I will Krampus. Also, do not and I repeat DO NOT underestimate this movie because it is a PG-13 horror film, it gets away with a lot for PG-13, they even had two uses of the "F" word in it.

Another thing I adore about this movie is the designs of the creatures, the designs for a few of the creatures I didn't like but the rest of the creatures had amazingly creative and original designs and if they ever make toys of the creatures in this movie, I will buy them, I don't care how much they are because the designs are phenomenal especially for the creature pictured above and of course Krampus himself is absolutely menacing and scary that ran chills down your spine.

I mean come on, look at the picture of Krampus above, that just looks terrifyingly awesome!

Krampus also surprises you with it's simple plot as well, while I wont spoil anything in the movie, all I will say is that I praise the ending of this movie. Seriously, I loved this movie so much, I don't even think Star Wars: The Force Awakens will beat this for me, I give Krampus a 10/10 and I am already predicting this will be #1 on my Top 10 Of 2015 list.


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