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Hello guys! This is my first post here on MoviePilot. i'm not a native English speaker so please excuse my crappy grammar and stuff. I'm a big fan of tokusatsu or Japanese super heroes like Kamen Rider and the of course the "Power Rangers" - the Japanese one called "Super Sentai". Don't worry, i'm not a purist, i both love the Japanese and the English version. If you want to learn more of Japanese super heroes, please visit this blog: HEROScoop

Both PR and SS, the red ranger is mainly the leader of the team, except for Timeranger (Time Force), ninja-theme Kakuranger (adapted into Alien Rangers) and more. Pink ranger is the leader of Mirai Sentai Timeranger and its PR counterpart Time Force and female white ranger is also the lead member of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

Since the red ranger is the most important member of a team. Here's a video of 10 of my most favorite red rangers of Super Sentai. This red rangers have their own unique personalities and own ways to lead a team.

After watching the vid, how's my Top 10 red rangers choice? If you're already familiar to this franchise, are you agree with the list? And if you're new, do you want to watch the entire series to figure out if they are really fit to be a leader of their respective team?


Who is/are your favorite red rangers of Power Rangers and/or Super Sentai?


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