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Kurt Arthur

There's no greater love story in all of eternity than Mr. J and Harley Quinn! These two hearts beat as one, that is torturing a soccer mom for Not bringing enough snacks for everyone.

The question arises how much screentime will the Clown Prince of Crime will have in Suicide Squad? It obviously known Ms. Quinn will be a vital part of the story due to the trailer. Yet the Joker's involvement is an unknown quantity. This uncertainty will lead to intense dialogue and will make every scene he is in a step above the rest. I highly doubt that he will be the bad guy simply for Batman and the squad to stop.(obviously) The Joker will play Waller by having all-important news that he will only tell Batman. Batman reluctantly comes. The joker starts off seriously and all of a sudden he brings up his atrocities. Batman walks away and then comes back ready to murder him and when he enters he is "gone!" Harley Quinn has a change of heart and frees the metro clown. By this happening it then sets up the Red Hood. Jared Leto is 42 and if they wants this to happpen, then this will be Batman at his lowest. This start an amazing movie and I cannot wait. Please write in the comments what you think!!

Please write comments how badass this!!


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