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Sara Thelin

I remember my sister taking me to Star Wars when I was young enough I argued that Winne the Pooh and the Blustery Day would have been a better way to blow an afternoon, BUT after the destruction of the Death Star... My life had been transformed forever. I wouldn't want to live in a world without R2-D2 and his happy birdlike chirping or a world without a mercenary pirate smuggler who'll toss you a coin Andrew say, "Sorry about the mess." after blowing the guts out of a bounty hunter out to take his precious bad ass ride, the one, the only Millennium Falcon straight to a merciless boss like the huge worm "Jabba" the hut. Where else would we learn about good and evil without old Ben "Obi wan" and "Yoda" the great Jedi Master? The insidious Darth Vader a k.a. Anakin Skywalker.....

Driving home after the flick my sister went, "oops. I was so hopped up on star wars juice I didn't realize I was going over 70 mph!" Very out of persona for Virginia. Thank you, Ginny, for changing my life. The force is alive and awake in me.


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