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Luke Cage will be the third Marvel Netflix series and the other two already have received so much praise, Luke Cage being one of my favorite superheroes is going to rock, and here are 5 reasons why!

1. Superpowers

Luke Cage will feature a lot of superpowers speaking that Luke's unbreakable skin will be put to the test, so get ready for a lot more action than Jessica Jones!

2. Tie-in

The banner above reads rebuilding Harlem, for those of you who have no clue what that meanings allow me to explain. At the end of Incredible Hulk, we see Abomination and Hulk fight, that scene is in Harlem!

3. Return of Night Nurse

She's back, and here to stay. Night Nurse is gonna be like the Nick Fury of the Netflix MCU. She'll always be there to patch the hero up.

4. Another hero

Daredevil is introducing Punisher and Elektra, Jessica Jones is slowly developing Hellcat, and now Luke Cage has Misty Knight. I'm excited for this character, she's got the perfect attitude for a gritty series like this and she does enjoy guns!

5. Villain

What do Fisk, Kilgrave, and now CottonMouth have in common? Power, each character uses their gifts to their advantages. Fisk and CottonMouth both have money and will use that as their power advantage, expect hit men and other cool things in Luke Cage. CottonMouth is a drug dealer which bring Luke Cage to a street level where he will fight gangs just like in the comics!

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