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Ryan Hannigan

WELL. At first i didn't have high hopes for this movie. I honestly thought it was going to be another run of the mill horror flick with over the top acting and a subpar plot. I was pleasantly surprised when i realized they took away the sternness of a PG-13 thriller movie, kept the grit and sprinkled in enough funny to the point where i found myself laughing steadily throughout the whole thing. Now I'm not sure if that exactly was they're main intention but its what makes my $10 well spent.

The basic premise is kind of a play on how our modern society treats christmas. What used to be a time for giving and family togetherness is now nothing more then a time when greed and the constant bitching of everyone trying to get along when they should be happy to have families.

I was really pleased with how they handled the story in terms of sticking pretty closely to the actual lore. Krampus known as the dark shadow of St. Nicholas held just the perfect amount of mystery to really keep you in suspense when he was on screen which honestly wasn't as much as I expected. This movie wasn't perfect.

The plot was kind of cheesy but i honestly feel like that was the intention. It had points where I, along with everyone else in the theatre jumped but that was about it as far as "scary". To each its own when it comes to the difference between Horror and Thriller movies though. There were parts that i thought were funny and then there were parts that were actually meant to be funny which I am fully aware that sometimes those are completely different things. However this is one of the best christmas themed horror movie with added chuckles I've seen in a very long time. It kept my full attention, and the ending was fulfilling if you are aware of the history of the actual legend of Krampus. My first thoughts walking out were slightly bitter and then i thought about it and it makes a lot of sense. I recommend doing a little research on this merciless demon whether you liked the movie or not, definitely an interesting read.

I wouldn't say this is a MUST see but if you have a free night with a friend or a companion of any sorts... I'd definitely say give it a shot. If nothing else you'll get a few cheap laughs and just under two hours away from your family.


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