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I love comics, both DC and Marvel, though I tend to lean more towards DC. I love a lot of shows I started watching as a kid (SOME Power Rang
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So, I was on Facebook this morning and there was a post over at It was about the issues with bringing the Defenders into Infinity War (which I will admit, I don't care too much there; more interested in seeing Daredevil or Luke Cage in Civil War, which I know ain't happening, but still, guy can dream).

Anyway, someone posts an image of the DC Trinity and says something along the lines of no one will care about Civil War and the MCU because the Trinity are coming. Immediately, I saw the mud slinging coming, I looked at the numbers; over 2500 likes and 78 comments. The war had already started!

So, I scroll down and someone had posted the following meme;

Style and size of screen caps may vary...
Style and size of screen caps may vary...

So, I did what any self respecting fan of both Marvel and DC would do; I pointed out the big error in their logic. DC had the first two super heroes (Superman, followed shortly after by Batman) so, technically, if anyone is ripping on anyone, Marvel has been ripping on DC for years.

However, that got me thinking. Why is there all this hatred amongst the fandoms? Both companies publish good work and bad work, and I can give examples both ways. Good DC: Batman Hush. Bad DC: Superman Man of Steel. Good Marvel: Civil War. Bad Marvel: Spider-Man One More Day.

Those are roughly the same levels of good and bad. If you want the movie examples; Good DC: Batman Returns. Bad DC: Batman and Robin (shudder...) Good Marvel: Iron Man. Bad Marvel: Iron Man 3. Please note, this shows their heaviest hitters financially can be very hit or miss...

Anyway, why is this hatred there? Why do people feel they can't like both? Fun fact; most of the people I speak to on the matter will fall on one side of the fence or the other. Another fun fact; a portion of the ones who've fallen on the Marvel side have only seen the MCU, and a portion of the ones falling on the side of DC have only seen Nolan's Batman trilogy. I automatically discount them from any discussion, as to fully appreciate the product, you need to have at least some knowledge of the source material.

Anyway, the way I generally fall on it is this; DC have the better comics and games (if you'd told me I'd say that 10 years ago, I'd have laughed in your face, at least on the games front. Then Arkham.) Marvel has the better movies. Again, if you told me I'd say that 10 years ago, I'd laugh in your face. Then Iron Man. I will admit to a slight preference towards DC (it has more characters I like) but I do like both.

Of course, there are exceptions to this. I love books and movies on both sides, and my favourite super hero movie is a DC one (Dark Knight Rises, simply because it adapted, at least partially, Knightfall, one of my favourite arcs). However, as I said, I have things I like on both sides in all areas; I loved the Believe story in the Iron Man books at the start of Marvel Now! It was a worthy successor to the Extremis book I'd loved in my mid teens, and his newest suit was cool. Every super hero needs a black suit!

So, anyway, I've gone on a tangent, again. Might happen a few more times yet, I don't know.

People seem to have it in their heads that Marvel is inherently better than DC because of the movies. I say "go pick up the books on either side, read them, then come back to me." When people say DC is better because it's 'grittier,' I say the same as I said to the Marvel 'fans.'

There's no reasons why you can't like both. I do, I know many other people who do. Hell, a fair percentage are fans of both. The rest have (for the most part) only seen the movies. To them I say; go read some comics, then you can talk to me. Until then, with respect, I'm going to ignore your preferences because they're woefully uninformed.

What do you guys think? Can Marvel and DC fans co-exist? Let me know below.


Can Marvel and DC Fans Co-Exist?


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