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It has been another fan-tastic week at Moviepilot and that's all thanks to YOU, ladies and gentlemen. We're happy to be able to welcome a whole bunch of creative, talented new Creators and, as usual, we'd like to highlight 10 of those newcomers right here in our top 10. From Star Wars (duh, the release of The Force Awakens is only a week away) to fan art galore, from opinion pieces to short films, let's finish the week off on a high note. Be sure to check out these posts!

1. Unraveling the Mystery Eye Motif in Star Wars: The Force Awakens BY Foodie FindersNYC

Star Wars fans rejoice, the wait for The Force Awakens is almost over. Until then our Creators will just continue to bombard you with the best and most interesting Star Wars content possible. Foodie FindersNYC is looking at the movie from a slightly different angle. Searching for hints, this Creator has taken the time to explore the symbolic importance of eyes in the posters and trailers that have been released. "I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. I see your eyes. I know your eyes". Be sure to check out this cool post!

2. I'm A Video Game Artist That Draws Comic Book Heroes In My Spare Time! BY Glen Canlas

Truth be told, I don't think one can ever admire too much fan art. There are so many talented artists out there and we're glad we're able to give those people a platform to showcase their creations. Artist Glen Canlas has been kind enough to share some of his personal favorites with us and his work is absolutely stunning. If you're a fan of superhero fan art then you're going to want to check this out!

3. 90 Second Horror Film 'The Lullaby' Is Every Parent's Worst Nightmare BY Kerby Films

The title of this post says it all, The Lullaby is a parent's worst nightmare. 90 seconds long, this short horror film is still long enough to give you the creeps. The Lullaby was inspired by a thread full of two-sentence scary stories on Reddit, with one particular story capturing the attention of the filmmakers. With a relatively small budget, Kerby Films were able to turn this into a really interesting short. Check out their fantastic project and be sure to leave them a comment.

4. Star Wars + Coffee + Art = Caffeinated Nerdgasm BY Allan Carandang

I might not like the taste of coffee but I absolutely love what new Creator Allan Carandang is using it for: art. He just can't let a good cup of joe go to waste and I'm glad he's found a way to put it to good use. His Star Wars piece are beautiful, the detail, the pretty sepia tone. Painted with Starbucks Christmas Blend these pieces are the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one! What are you waiting for?

5. Fan Cast: The Marvel Cinematic Universe's FANTASTIC FOUR BY Nick Lasley

Who doesn't love a good old fan cast, especially when it involves the Marvel cinematic universe. The last Fantastic Four movie wasn't exactly a huge success but fans have all but given up on the Marvel's first family. New Creator Nick Lasley proves that here is room for improvement and has shared who he thinks should take on the roles of Mr. Fantastic and co. in future re-make attempts.

6. 'The Ring' Gets The Fan Tribute It Truly Deserves BY Jesse Stipek

Horror fan or not, I think it's safe to say that MOST people will have heard of The Ring (2002). Based on the Japanese horror film Ring (1998), the american re-make is about to get the fan tribute it deserves. With RINGwhispers, the makers or the film, such as Creator Jesse Stipek, first and foremost wanted to nail the visual tone of Gore Verbinski's version. The story is simple but this tribute is beautifully crafted, making it "short, sweet, and spooky". Go and check out RINGwhispers!

7. With Great Cosplay Comes Great Responsibility! BY Richard Johnson

It is not often that you come across cosplay that instantly blows your mind, which is why Richard's photography series deserves our attention. Yes, the image above is a real person, dressed up. Impressive, isn't it? I completely agree with Richard when he states: "the costumes that people make are really amazing, and they get better with each passing year." My favorite has to be "Scarecrow by Matt Sprunger" just because I know he will give me nightmares!

8. Based on True Events "Playing With The Devil" Will Either Have You Running to Get Your Sister's Doll, or Running Far Far Away From It. BY Mike Woodward

If you're a die-hard (pun intended) fan of the horror genre, then this horror film is definitely for you. It took me a while to muster up the courage to click on play but I have no regrets. Playing With The Devil one heck of a ride, leaving audiences questioning this very issue of belief or disbelief. The masterminds over at Crypt TV have giving it their seal of approval and that says a lot. Be sure to check it out!

9. 5 Reasons The Sunday Comics Are Built to Last! BY Marc Goldner

The Sunday Comics is a modern twist on a traditional newspaper, bringing together over 300 artists to create original comics. What's not to love?! New Creator Marc Goldner, one of the creative geniuses behind this project, shares with us the reasons this Kickstarter campaign is here to stay, as well as why we should all be backing it. Whether you're a massive comic book fan or simply enjoy a good story every now and then, you'll want to check out this initiative!

10. If Presidents Became Heroes and Villains: My Digital Defacing of Dollars BY Allan Johnson

There's been an abundance of fan-friggin'-tastic fan art this week but Creator Allan Johnson's artwork definitely stood out, and for all the right reasons. One look at his work and you'll understand why this creative, talented artist deserves to be on this list. Where have these dollars been all our lives? They'd surely make paying for things a lot cooler. Be sure to check out his post, to show him some love in the comments, and hey, how about purchasing one of his great pieces?

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