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There are some actors whose aging process acts as a milestone in our personal lives, and also makes us keenly aware of how quickly time flies. Frankie Muniz, or more affectionately Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle, has just turned 30. Can you believe it?! If that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will.

After starring in the hugely successful TV show for 6 years between the ages of 16 and 21, Frankie has let acting take a back seat, pursuing interests outside of the industry such as car racing and music.

To celebrate entering his fourth decade, here are some interesting facts and trivia about the childhood star, with a nice sprinkle of nostalgia on top:

1. Although he was older than co-star Justin Berfield in the show, he played his younger brother

2. This was his favorite scene in the show

It's a scene in the episode where Malcolm is embarrassed in front of a girl he likes because he's bad at bowling.

When he walks about a foot away from the pins, he was expected to still hit a few.

The fact he missed completely was unscripted and made the clip even better, so it made the show.

3. He doesn't regret missing prom

"People would ask 'aren't you sad you didn't get to go to high school prom?' And the answer is well, no, because I was going to the Emmys and the Golden Globes and the Playboy Mansion. Which is awesome for an 18-year-old boy!"

Playboy mansion or prom? What would an 18-year-old boy prefer? Hmm...

4. His response to someone calling his acting "awful" was probably one of the best Twitter comebacks ever

Ouch! Feeel the burrrrrrnnnn!!

5. His obsession with cars led to him owning 36 at one point in time – including a $250,000 Porsche which was featured on Punk'd

7. In 2012, he suffered a stroke, aged just 26

On November 30 of that year, he suffered from a "transient ischemic attack," also known as a mini stroke. He also suffered another attack a year later in November 2013.

8. His best friend is Zac Hanson from Hanson (NOSTALGIA BOMB!)

Two nostalgic worlds collide! Not only are the pair friends, but Zac also taught him how mmmm-bop the drums.

9. Which resulted in him joining a band, Kingsfoil, for two years between 2012 and 2014

10. He paused his acting career for a number of years to pursue a racing driver career

Race driving is one of his biggest passions, and following on from the end of Malcolm in the Middle he excelled within the industry. He even signed a professional contract for Jensen Motorsport.

11. He teased his Twitter followers suggesting we could see more 'Malcolm in the Middle...'

Can you image how good a comeback season would be?! This looks like it could be feasible, too – Bryan Cranston has already expressed an interest, despite his high profile career following Breaking Bad.

Talking in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Frankie said:

"I tweeted that, and people responded really positively. And news groups picked up. I wrote the creator the an email asking if he would be interested in the possibility. He shared my email with Jane and Bryan and they both responded with very positive messages and they would love to do it.
"It's been kind of weird in the last week or so, but it's definitely possible it could happen again."

12. He's set to star in 'Zoolander 2,' which is released next year

13. He's now 'obsessed' with golf and takes part in tournaments regularly

Source: IMDB, Reddit


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