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Whether it's being sure never to walk under a ladder, always picking up a fallen penny or going out of your way to avoid the path of a black cat, most of us have one superstition or another which we always follow. After all, if it doesn't harm someone then why not, right?

One aspect of life that probably triggers some of the most superstitious behavior has to be air travel, and even actress Jennifer Aniston, the face of the airline Emirates, has admitted that she is not immune to taking part in her own quick pre-flight ritual.

Speaking to Yahoo, Aniston confessed to a small quirk she has while flying, which, to be honest, is pretty cute:

"If I walk onto an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane. I have always done it. For luck. Someone told me to do it, and I don’t remember when that was. But it’s kind of stuck."

There's even a photo of Aniston's superstition in practice:

Source: Popsugar
Source: Popsugar

So there you have it, if you're ever getting on a plane behind Jennifer Aniston and see her tap the plane then it's simply because of an odd superstition she's had for so many years she can't even remember the origins. But hey, regardless of what the origins are, the technique has worked for the 46-year-old so far, so who's to say the ritual isn't the reason why?

Source: Hello Giggles, Yahoo, Popsugar


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