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Workplace relations can often be as strained as those in, say, a hyena colony, but these celebrities have all proved that you really can become best chums with your colleagues.

Below are a selection of stars who all met some of their closest friends on set, but which adorable pair will define for you?

1. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

Where Did They Meet? Jen and Courtney met on the set of Friends over a decade ago in 1994.

Aniston and Cox are such close friends that Jen is the godmother to one of Courtney's daughters and Courtney was the Maid of Honor at her BFF's wedding this year.

Aniston has admitted to staying in Cox's guest room during some particularly rough patches in her life and that there is “absolutely no judgement” in their friendship. Awwww.

2. Tobey McGuire and Leonardo DiCaprio

Where Did They Meet? Tobey and Leo didn't meet on set, but they did cross paths during an audition when they were both struggling actors, which is close enough, right?

DiCaprio and McGuire met at an audition before their acting careers had really got off the ground, and they really made an impression on each other. Leo admits that he chased after McGuire to get his phone number because he was so eager to stay in touch and the pair have often been papped enjoying each other's company nearly 20 years after that fateful day.

3. Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson

Where Did They Meet? Reese and Rob met on the set of Water For Elephants.

Witherspoon became close enough to Pattinson to make plenty of gross jokes about how unappealing it was to kiss the heartthrob while he had a "very runny nose," but their friendship also has a more noble side.

When Robert Pattinson found out his girlfriend Kristen Stewart was cheating on him, the Independent reported that Reece moved the grieving star into the house she shares with her husband to give him a home-base during that stressful period. Now that's true friendship!

4. Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton

Where Did They Meet? Felton and Lewis met when they went from knee-high to a grasshopper on the set of Harry Potter.

They might have played rivals on screen in the Harry Potter series, but these two are best buds in real life. Not only do they promote each others' work on Twitter and challenge each other to charity pledges, but they also love a nostalgic romp through their Harry Potter past.

5. Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson

Where Did They Meet? Shay and Ashley met on the set of Pretty Little Liars back in 2010.

The Pretty Little Liars cast is close, but Benson and Mitchell are the indisputable BFFs, who are constantly Instagramming snaps of each other having a great time on vacation and making us very jeal.

6. James Franco and Seth Rogan

Where Did They Meet? These two well-known best chums met in 1999 when they were cast on the TV series Freaks & Geeks and have stayed collaborators and friends ever since.

These two guys are so close it can get a little bit uncomfortable, but that's the way we like it!

7. Chloë Grace Moretz and Liana Liberato

Where Did They Meet? These two talented teen actors met on the set of If I Stay.

Moretz and Liberato had an instant connection on set and they have both said pretty adorable things about each other in interviews. Chloe has been recorded candidly speaking about Liana, stating that she is "amazing" and "one of my good friends."

On a separate occasion, Liberato told Teen magazine that they had "such a great friendship on set" and that it was so easy for them to work with each other.

8. Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps

Where Did They Meet? Williams met Philipps on the set of Dawson’s Creek in 2001.

Williams and Phillips were brought together when Busy landed the role of Joey's roommate on Dawson's Creek. They have been pals ever since and Williams even bought Phillips to the Oscars as her date. Friendship goals!

9. Zach Braff and Donald Faison

Where Did They Meet? This epic bromance began when they read for Scrubs in 2001 and they might be more into each other in real life than they were on the show!

Braff and Faison are constantly splashing their friendship all over social media and the man love is strong with this pair. The pair have campaigned for gay rights together over pizza on a speedboat, and crashed each other's Reddit AMAs for fun, and if that's not the route to enduring friendship, I don't know what is.

10. Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman

Where Did They Meet? Hathaway and Jackman met behind the scenes of the Oscars 2011 before being reunited on the set of Les Miserables the following year.

It might be a stretch to declare that these two are BFFs, but there is definite serious friendship potential here. Jackman said he “instantly” loved Hathaway when they met, and Hathaway has admired Jackman since his time on the stage in Broadway.

11. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale

Where Did They Meet? Vanessa and Ashley met on the set of High School Musical back in 2006.

Eight years after they first met, Vanessa and Ashley's friendship has blossomed into something truly beautiful. Not only did they appear on the reality show Inner Circle to celebrate their friendship, but Hudgens was Tisdale's bridesmaid at her recent wedding. <3

12. Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Where Did They Meet? These two Hollywood heavyweights finally collided in 2001 for Oceans Eleven.

These guys might famously have a prank war, but you can see from the warmth they greet each other with on the red carpet that these guys are bonafide celeb companions.

13. Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone

Where Did They Meet? These two celebs met when they were cast as brother and sister in the Twilight series.

Nikki Reed might have once joked that she couldn't remember what happened in the first Twilight movie, but she has been kinder to her cast mates. When Jackson got married, Nikki Reed was a bridesmaid at the wedding, and she is also his son Monroe's godmother. Too cute.

14. Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

Where Did They Meet? JLaw and Hemsworth met on the set of The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence isn't one to keep her feelings to herself, and she has gushed about her Hunger Games co-star Hemsworth on more than one occasion. One of her cutest quotes reads:

"I guess the thing that surprised me is that I would never expect to ever have a man this good-looking ever be my best friend. I just would never assume those things could happen, but he is. He's the most wonderful, lovable, family-oriented, sweet, hilarious, amazing guy."

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