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Following the mid-season finale of its companion series The Walking Dead, AMC have announced that production has begun on Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. The studio has announced that the show has started production in the Baja peninsula of Mexico at Baja Studios, indicating that much of Season 2 will likely be set on the high seas, as was teased at the end of the premiere season.

The show, which premiered in October as companion to the hugely successful Walking Dead, will return to screens in Spring with a 15-episode long Season 2. Fans of Season 1 will also be excited to learn that Colman Domingo, who played the mysterious Strand has been promoted to a series regular. As viewers will remember, Season 1 ended with all of our main characters gathered at Strand's beach house, preparing to make an escape from Los Angeles on his yacht, Abigail.

It's because of Strand's boat that the series has chosen to film at Baja Studios. The studios, which were originally built to film Titanic, and have since been used to film movies like Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Deep Blue Sea, are home to the world's largest filming tanks, indicating that a large part of the season will probably take place on the seas. But how long our characters might spend on the boat, and where it is that they're setting sail for remains to be seen.

Travis and Madison in ep 6 of Fear the Walking Dead
Travis and Madison in ep 6 of Fear the Walking Dead

While most details about Season 2 remain a secret for now, one thing we do know for sure is that there will be a short time jump as the season begins. Showrunner Dave Erickson explained to The Hollywood Reporter why they felt a time jump was necessary:

There's too much emotional weight coming off of the finale and the loss of Liza and Griselda. We didn't want to jump too far because there's an obligation to see the aftermath of that and see how that impacts our characters as they try to wrestle with it.

Erickson also confirmed that the second season will have a much more accelerated pace than Season 1. This quicker pace will be something which many fans will be happy to see, after one of the biggest complaints of the show seemed to have been that it was too slow moving, and light on action.

Nick's friend Calvin turned into a walker in ep 1
Nick's friend Calvin turned into a walker in ep 1

With the show going into production, no doubt AMC will start releasing more and more promotional material for Season 2, so stay tuned for more hints and tidbits as they are announced.

'Fear the Walking Dead' will return to AMC in 2016.

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