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The word 'honeymoon' conjures up rose-tinted images of decadent massages, ice cold Pina Coladas on white sand, and daintily tipping oysters into each other's mouths, but Justin Theroux missed that memo and nearly made Jennifer Aniston a widow instead.

During an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael on Friday, Theroux revealed that he nearly died in Bora Bora thanks to a scuba diving mishap that left him deep underwater without oxygen.

Stunning Bora Bora
Stunning Bora Bora

Theroux explained that he had undergone some scuba training on the group honeymoon, but one day he decided to go out with a new instructor and things took a turn for the dark side. After being underwater for a short time, Theroux noticed that the meter on his oxygen tank was critically low and the difficulties of communicating underwater led to a pretty panicky game of charades.

Eventually the instructor understood Theroux was in peril and tossed him an emergency respirator which also malfunctioned and blasted mouthfuls of salt water into his face before releasing that sweet, sweet air.

Justin and Jennifer
Justin and Jennifer

According to Theroux, during his near-death experience he started to have bizarre ideas that there had been an undercover plot to murder him on his honeymoon, he explained:

"Your brain goes into a crazy place. Oh my God, this is some plot to kill me."

Thankfully, Theroux managed to leave the water slowly enough to avoid contracting the bends (a condition you can get from failing to decompress when you leave deep water) and Aniston kept her husband and avoided a lifetime of "poor Jen" headlines. Hurrah!

(Source: Dlisted)


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