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The rumors are true – the magic has been cast. Final Fantasy 7 remake footage has landed in San Francisco!

Back in June at E3, Sony teased us with a few hinting details that lead us to believe that a Final Fantasy 7 remake was in the cards. Little did we know, however, that they were already hard at it behind the scenes.

Today at the 2015 PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, Sony opened the show with a grand and very unexpected surprise – Final Fantasy 7 gameplay footage!

The game is real and is in development right now. But this is not the biggest news that has emerged from Square Enix this week regarding Final Fantasy 7. In a press release following the grand gameplay reveal it is stated that the new version of the game could be released in an episodic fashion.

“During this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, SQUARE ENIX debuted a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, the full remake of the award-winning role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII . The new trailer features the first CG scenes as well as gameplay footage. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience.”

This will mean that instead of the entire game releasing at once, it will be split into smaller chunks and released over the course of, say, a year. This allows players to fully explore each section of the game, piece by piece.

The original Final Fantasy 7 launched back in 1997 and gained almost instant notoriety within the industry. It was and still remains one of the most popular video games in that genre ever released. Due to this, the game devs are limited in what they are able to change when it comes to a remake. Changing the game's story and direction is a big no no.

So, instead of narrative changes they have opted for new HD graphics, new character interaction, and have increased the amount of individual character abilities and potential side objectives available to them.

All in all this looks like it will be a stellar example of a classic game enriched with the power of the PS4. The rebirth of a fan favorite in stunning HD – I can't wait!

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