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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Kids have a very different view of life to that of adults. There's a lot more knees and table legs in the way, for a start... and stuff that's obviously silly can seem utterly terrifying. The Moviepilot crew got talking about the dumb things from movies and TV shows that terrified us as kids.

Take a look at these infantile frightfests and add your own in the comments!

1. Sleeping Beauty

Show: Tales From the Cryptkeeper

As a massive fan of horror movies, I've sat through A Serbian Film, Martyrs and the entire series of Human Centipede movies, but none of them have ever terrified me so much as Sleeping Beauty, a cat-like vampire woman (who was inexplicably blue) from the animated series Tales from the Cryptkeeper.

I've no idea why she scared me so much but she honestly still scares me today, despite my current love for horror films as violent as Bone Tomahawk...

- Jancy Richardson

2. Giant Evil Tweety Bird

Show: Merrie Melodies

I've never been good at watching anything remotely creepy and cartoons were (are) no exception. As a kid I could watch episode after episode of Looney Tunes shenanigans, and even though they all actually did the most horrific things to each other they managed to make it all in good fun – until the one episode, 'Hyde and Go Tweet', where Tweety Bird becomes an gigantic, hulking monster-bird and starts to lurch down that hall after Sylvester.

Tweety always mildly pissed me off, but the way the animators drew this evil alter-ego in this episode terrified me for longer than I'd like to admit. There's just something about those deliberate, lumbering movements and the red eyes, permanently fixed in an evilly twisted scowl. Nightmares.

- Alexandra Ekstein-Kon

3. The Groke

Show: The Moomins

If you grew up in Scandinavia in the '90s, you know exactly how terrifying this monstrous ice beast is. Accompanied by horribly eerie music, she made me cry every time she was on TV. I'm still scared of The Groke to this day, and the worst thing you could do to me is to dress up as her and sneak into my bedroom at night. I will pee myself, die, then pee myself again.

- Mona Torgersen

4. Grandma Ethyl

Show: Dinosaurs

I used to love watching Dinosaurs when I was younger. Most of the time. I mean I say I loved it, but I always watched in a perplexed and slightly fearful state, not entirely sure if I was enjoying it or if I was just too scared to move. I mean look at them... They're pretty freaky, right?

The Grandma Ethyl and the boss both made me feel really uneasy. The memory of the show is buried deep in the crevices of my mind now.

- Ricky Derisz

5. Ötzi the Iceman

Show: Death Of The Iceman

When I was about six or seven, I figured out that if I feigned interest in something educational on TV I might possibly be granted the holy grail of permissions; to stay up late. Unfortunately, one day my sneaky tactics bit me right in the ass when I decided that I was totally down with a nice benign history documentary entitled 'Ötzi the Iceman.'

Alas, this iceman wasn't a cheerful snowman or Jack Frost, he was a 5,300 year old mummified corpse who looked like a human shaped beef jerky doing a really weird dance. I still stayed up, rigid with mortal terror, until the end though.... and for weeks to come. Cheers, parents!

- Karly Rayner

6. Harry

Movie: Harry and the Hendersons

As a kid my dad had a way of choosing the best films for me and my brother to watch. Thanks to him we were introduced to classics like Flight of the Navigator, Milo and Otis and the original Star Wars franchise. Unfortunately he also introduced me to Harry and the Hendersons. Allegedly this film is a '"family comedy," and weirdly I still quite enjoyed the film once Harry was established as a friendly Sasquatch, but those first few scenes when he's hit by the Henderson's car, and then wakes up and walks around their house will always live on as the stuff of true nightmares.

- Allanah Faherty

7. Baba Yaga

Movie: Morozko

Growing up in Russia in the early '90s, I had nightmares about a fictional folklore character called Baba Yaga, a deformed and decrepit-looking witch that dwells deep within dark forests and flies around perched like a lunatic on a mortar.

In particular, I remember her appearing in 1965 children's movie Morozko, where she prances around shrieking like a banshee in her house on chicken legs as she cooks up some rancid stew made of human bones. Despite the following scene actually being pretty hilarious and the movie being a family classic, as an 8-year-old, I literally couldn't think of anything worse than this supernatural oddity...

- Varia Fedko-Blake

8. The Nomes

Movie: Return to Oz

I grew up in the countryside, so spying rocks who follow you around, distorting their faces into any shape or size to keep you in view so they can pass messages back to their maniac rock king, were all too imaginable and all too terrifying. Then add a gang of demented dudes on rollerskates, a batshit queen with a detachable head (with a cabinet room full of exchangeable heads) and you're still telling me this is a children's movie? Are you mental?

- Heather Snowden

9. Mr Blobby

Show: Noel's House Party

Anyone born in the UK around the late '80s/early '90s will remember this pink monstrosity. The aptly names Mr. Blobby was was a terrifying pink and spotted- well, blob - with the voice of Satan himself. He was first introduced to the unsuspecting public via British show Noel's House Party and then for some bizarre reason landed several appearances on other TV shows aimed at children. He truly was the stuff of nightmares and had many kids (myself included) bursting into tears on a regular basis. To be honest, I reckon I'd still shit myself if I bumped into this while trying to hit the gym on a Sunday night.

- Emily Browne

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