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Alastair Orr's monster horror Indigenous follows a group of North-American tourists on vacation in beautiful Panama. When they ignore the natives’ warnings and travel too far into the tropical forest looking for a waterfall, they realize that they’re being stalked by a ravenous creature; expect a kind of Paradise Lost by way of The Descent and you'll get the grisly picture...

Pale skinned and white-eyed with a mouthful of razor sharps and a taste for college-student flesh... meet the chupacabra.

For a low budget movie, the monstrous chupacabra is pretty damn creepy and admittedly I can think of very little that would terrify me more than getting chased through a jungle at night by one.

Many horror fans have picked up on the similarities between Alastair Orr's chupacabra in Indigenous and the cave creatures in Neil Marshall's The Descent.

Still from 'Indigenous'
Still from 'Indigenous'

Baring in mind that The Descent is one of my favorite movies, when comparing the monsters side-by-side (for purely visual purposes), I find that the creature from The Descent looks more like he wants a friendly nuzzle compared to the 'rip your throat out' vibe I get from the chupacabra.


I am by no means discrediting the The Descent as that movie truly petrified me... I merely thought the side-by-side comparison was pretty funny.

The movie itself has had quite mixed reviews but I am definitely willing to travel to the jungle to get a glimpse of the terrifying chupacabra.

Check out the Trailer for Indigenous below...

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