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Ahh, Christmas. The time to eat, drink and be merry. A time to share moments with family, a time to relax, and, it seems, a time to watch some messed up horror movie about a freaky demon that likes to kidnap misbehaving children.

Before we delve into the background of this yuletide monster, I want to warm your Christmas cockles by introducing you to this, eerily poignant soundtrack:

Now you're in the Christmas spirit, let's take a closer look at who the titular character is...

Let's Go Kramping!

Krampus is an Christmas themed horror based on the urban legend of the same name, about an anthropomorphic, horned, goat-like creature who likes to punish children over the festive period. Let's face it, Santa is too friendly and some kids are annoying, so why should they get a new bike, or a nicely stuffed stocking?

Well, this is when the Krampus steps in. The horny demon likes to bundle misbehaving children into his devious sack and transport them to hell. Nice. Let's check out the trailer below:

Looks great, right?! Well you guys certainly agree. Impressively, Krampus came second in the box office in its first weekend of opening, with only Hunger Games: Mockinjay - Part 2 grossing more. It's successful run of $19.7 million means Universal have already recuperated, and surpassed, the modest $15 million budget.

We Wish You a Scary Christmas!

The character Sam from Dougherty's 'Trick 'r' Treat'
The character Sam from Dougherty's 'Trick 'r' Treat'

The film, shot in Wellington, New Zealand, is another horror themed success for writer and director Michael Dougherty, who also directed the 2007 cult horror Trick 'r Treat.

The cast is impressive, too. Adam Scott plays Tom, which illustrates the films intent, having a mainly comedic actor taking the lead. Toni Collete portrays his wife, Sarah, while the film features Champ, a.k.a., David Koechner... WHAAAMEEE!

Christmas themed horror's are nothing new, of course. Films such as Silent Night (2012), Black Christmas (1974), Elves (1989) and many more provide a slightly darker view of Crimbo, proving that all we want for Christmas is blood and guts.


Who would you rather be visited by at Christmas?

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