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After the madness of last week's episode 3 of Into the Badlands, the pace didn't slow down for episode 4, 'Two Tigers Subdue Dragons,' with the introduction of a third Baron, M.K.'s training in full swing, and his powers finally being explored. In addition to all that, at the very end of the episode a plot was revealed that basically proves Ryder is a worse son than we all imagined, not to mention that there's the whole fact that M.K. apparently murdered 30 Cogs on a boat. Damn that boy is capable of some serious shit!

However, amongst it all there were some truly awesome action scenes, so check out the 5 best action scenes of Into the Badlands episode 3, 'Two Tigers Subdue Dragons.'

1. The take down of Jacobee's men

You gotta admit, this was a flawless plan -- send the pretty, young girl screaming for helping into the path of a truck, wait until the men get out of the vehicle (which is packed with gold), and swiftly kill them with your beautifully designed butterfly ninja stars. Nicely done, Widow.

2. M.K. going full rage

After Sunny decides it's time for M.K. to see if he can learn to control his power, he cuts him and unleashes his rage. After his eyes' dramatically flick black, he strikes Sunny square in the middle of the chest and sends the Clipper flying backwards. There's absolutely no denying this kid has massive power.

3. Head Clipper sword fight

One of the great things I've taken note of in Into the Badlands is that it shows almost as many strong, badass females as it does males, such as the Widow and her Clippers, and Baron Jacobee's head Clipper, Zypher. This week's fight scene between Sunny and Zypher was as spectacular as any fight in the show (the choreography in this series is unreal, half the time I feel like I'm watching Dancing With the Stars but with swords), but it was especially badass because neither Clipper held anything back -- Sunny wasn't afraid to give Zypher a swift kick to the guts, and Zypher wasn't restraining herself either.

4. Baron Quinn v. Baron Jacobee brawl

After meeting Zypher last week and hearing about a third Baron named Jacobee (altogether there are seven), this week we finally met him when Quinn attempts a parlay. Unfortunately the parlay goes to the dogs after Tilda shows up and tries to kill Quinn with Jacobee's men trademark weapon (the pickax). In the resulting brawl we see another great Baron v. Baron fight, the second such battle after seeing Quinn fight the Widow last week. Two men in formal dress expertly wielding swords, what can be better than that?

5. M.K. raging out on Tilda

Well, if we saw a hint of M.K.'s mad rage earlier in the episode, this fight scene really showed what crazy strength this mysterious boy is capable of. But, right when it looked as though it was all over for Tilda, she merely called his name and somehow brought him back from the brink of rage back into the real world, looks like M.K. found that one pure thing to focus on to control his rage.

Episode 5 of 'Into the Badlands' 'Snake Creeps Down' airs December 13th on AMC.

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