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One of the worlds biggest fighting games ever released will hit us with its long awaited fifth edition next year! Street Fighter 5 ushers in a new generation of brutal combat.

Capcom have revealed the latest game segment to Street Fighter 5, the fifth edition in their highly acclaimed Street Fighter series. The grand reveal was showcased today at Sony's annual PlayStation Experience convention.

Capcom concluded their 'Capcom Cup event', which is held during the convention with the opening cinematic to the new fighter. Crowds cheered and roared with excitement as the trailer exploded onto the screens.

The Capcom Cup is the world final of the Capcom Pro Tour, a competition that invites Street Fighter pros from around the world to go head to head in order to establish who is the greatest combatant. The winner walks away with $120,000, with second place receiving $60,000. The competition is played on Capcom's Street Fighter Ultra IV game.

Following the Street Fighter 5 opening cinematic reveal trailer, Yoshinori Ono also announced that the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour would be kicking off in March next year. This time round however the grand prize total will be a whopping $500,000 and Street Fighter 5 will be the competitions game.

Street Fighter V will release on PS4 and PC. It is also worth noting that this game will feature cross-platform play and this is scheduled for February 16.

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