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Baldwin Collins

One of my favorite summer Blockbuster movies of this past summer 2015. Dwayne (the rock) Johnson really proved in this action movie that he's cut out to be the real action hero of his Generation, Johnson plays chief ray Gaines a Los Angeles Fire Rescue pilot, Whose living on the Edge in his job always ready to save people who are caught up with dangerous life Threatening Situations, The movie Starts with a young woman named Natalie, (Morgan Griffin) travelling alone through the San Fernando Vally Hills in Her Suv car, when suddenly large Boulders of Rocks start Rolling off the Hill above the road. which eventually hits her car pushing it over the cliff.

Obviously this is the job for Ray Gaines and his Helicopter crew mates, Why would you carry a News reporter on one of you're Dangerous rescue missions ?. I don't think the rescue department would allow that in real life. anyway it's the movies. with some Acrobatic Skills measured along with some luck , Natalie is saved in the Nick of time , By Ray and his crew. while the SUV car Crashes to the ground below. What you might say a great start to a Disaster movie. We realize this is things to come in Early sign's of a Major Earth Quake about to take place.

The next scene we are introduced to two Scientists who are Seismologists working at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Lawrence Hayes magnificently played by Paul Giamatti and Will Yun lee as DR. Kim park the two are working partners at the Institute. the next scene works very well with me, when the two Scientist takes they're Student's on a travel study Trip to the Hoover Dam, However in my opinion The C.G.I special effects works wonderfully here, giving the illusion that the whole dam and Bridge is Collapsing all around the Characters, the character DR. Kim parks died too early in the Film.

Many avid movie fan like myself, knows every hero in the story has personal problems and that's what makes this movie works for me, Dwayne's character is Going through a divorce with his wife Emma, Wonderfully played by Carla Gugino who currently lives with Her Boyfriend Daniel Riddick played by Ioan Gruffudd. Ray and Emma has a Biological Daughter together named Blake played by Alexandra Daddario. who also lives with Emma and Daniel. The story Gears towards a Situation Where Ray wants to spend more time with his Daughter But Daniel seems to have more influence Because of his Financial status. Sounds Familiar ? seen same situation in Liam Neeson's ''TAKEN''

However instead of spending the Day with Ray her Father, She flies away to San Francisco with Daniel on one of his Business trips, The action steps up a notch when Disaster Happens in a High rise Building , Blake is abandoned by Daniel When the Earth quake Hits San Francisco Blake's Trapped in a car in the Underground car park, An English Architect in the Building for a job interview he and his younger Brother met Blake before the quake, the Architect Ben Taylor is played by Hugo Johnston-Burt and the younger Brother Ollie Taylor is played by Art Parkinson. on hearing Daniel complain to a security Guard about Blake's plight. The two Brothers proceed to the Underground. Can they Save Her Before the Whole Building Collapse ?

In my Opinion Great Disaster movie, Directed by Brad Peyton Produced and distributed by Warner bros. Pictures A Must see movie if you've messed it During the Summer.


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