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Jonathan Bird

We asked members of SingleThisHoliday what film sequels they would most like to see made. The results are listed below, and I have to say I agree with most if not all of these.

Master and Commander:

The chemistry between Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany was exceptional in this adaptation of part of the book series by Patrick O’brian, and even so, the movie just cost too much for Fox to consider making another one. People have been seen to suggest a HBO series, but I for one wouldn't want to lose the sense of scale and immersive reality that Peter Weir captured so well with the film, even if it didn't run exactly parallel to the book. Many of the films on this list are adaptations of books that are part of a series, which is what makes it so frustrating when they can't get the film series to work.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events:

I'm still not sure what went wrong here. Brad Silberling's film does a good job of bringing to life the world of Daniel Handler's dark and strange books, and the film's sense of humor was very close to what was evident on the page. The cast was strong, the work by Jim Carrey was disturbingly operatic, and they faithfully adapted the film in a way that seemed to set up the entire series. Obviously, based on the book sales, people enjoy these characters and this world, but maybe it was different seeing real children in harm's way as opposed to dealing with words on the page? What caused this one to hit the cutting room floor with such a resounding splat? Whatever the answers, we'll probably never see another one of these, and it's a shame. It would have been a rich and weird world to explore.

Big Trouble In Little China:

I'll be honest… any excuse to put John Carpenter and Kurt Russell together again would be cause to celebrate, but a return to Jack Burton would be the best-case scenario, EVER. Someone on Twitter suggested "Big Trouble In Little Italy" as a title, and I love the idea of putting Jack in a whole different genre in order to see how he'd respond. Mixing Italian crime films and Italian horror tropes would make for a totally different feel for the film, but as long as Burton's sense of humour was intact I don’t think that anyone would care.


Just so the Browncoats will shut up already! Also because the film evolved from an awesome TV show into a FREAKING awesome film. The sky's the limit.

Flash Gordon:

Purely because the world needs the Flash Gordon theme tune to reach all four corners of the universe and infect the minds of all beings capable of speech until in one epic and interplanetary moment, the earth's crust will split from the sound of all beings singing out in one resounding voice…. FLASH AH AAAAAAAH!! SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!

Return Of The Jedi:

No, a real sequel. Not a prequel. Don't make me cut you.

The Goonies:

When DVD started dominating the home video marketplace, films like this one became benchmarks for critical reconsideration. Even more importantly, they spawned a renewed nostalgic interest that argued for a return. Of course, by the time anyone considered a follow-up to this seminal slice of Amblin adolescent adventure, the main cast were all grown up. So the answer seemed simple - let the Goonies’ children become the new Goonies. Others offered an even better idea - get the adult Goonies to go on one last old fashioned ‘kiddie’ quest. I don’t care how it happens but if this sequel is ever made then they MUST include Sloth. Alas, no one could make it happen, and thus another mythic movie fades into the realm of distant possibility.


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