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So we know Ant-man will be a big part of the next Marvel instalment, Captain America: Civil War, but he wasn't in the trailer... How is our tiny friend used and introduced into the avengers team?

As seen in Ant-Man, Falcon and Scott have a bit of a run-in while Scott is trying to steal a piece of Hank Pym's old tech from Howard Stark's old warehouse which is now being used as the Avengers Facility and we see towards the end of the movie in Luis's story that Falcon is looking for "a man who shrinks" but why?

in the post-credits cut scene of Ant-Man, Falcon and Captain America are shown finding Bucky for the first time while he was hiding out. Cap and Falcon discuss calling Tony Stark for help but don't due to his likeliness to disagree with them while stating how much easier it would've been to protect Bucky a week ago... But why a week ago? A week ago prior to this moment was when the Sokovia Accords were handed to Cap, the new laws of the superhero world changing the way our heroes work and due to these both Cap and Falcons gear is confiscated so after Falcons run-in with Ant-Man, of course he did his research on Scott, and I mean... Who else better to steal all your gear back than the master robber... Sorry, I mean burglar, Scott Lang.

Summary: Cap and Falcon recruit Scott Lang (Ant-Man) to steal their gear back in order to protect Bucky.

Guys, I kept this article short... I'm not a writer and this is my first time but I'm almost certain this is how Ant-Man (Scott Lang) is brought into the civil war and honestly, I cannot wait! Let me know your thoughts on the article, my theory and any other upcoming events you have in mind. I'll list some fun discussion points below.
-Will Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and The Wasp (Hope Pym) go back to the sub-atomic realm to save Hank's Wife?
-How will Ant-Man receive his powers of enlargement? (My guess is the now broken regulator and the enlargement disks)
-New introductions like Black Panther, Spidey and many more

Cheers Guys, can't wait to see your responses... Peace ✌️❤️ xx


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