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Big Marvel Fan, full time gamer, I dabble in DC, my opinion is that marvel is good at making movie's and ok at making show's, as for DC is g

So this is just a quick article, Alright so we've had green arrow in several games now, injustice gods among us, DC universe online and in Lego Batman, so now this brings me to the subject, why have we not had a Arrow Game ? The arkham series has 4 installments, and arkham knight was the last game in the arkham series, so what next ?

What should be next on DC's rostor is a Green Arrow Game, this would be awesome, combat could be similar to the arkham series, maybe a 4 player co-op with Arsenal, The Guardian, Green Arrow, and The Canary, even a stand alone single player with only Arrow would be nice, hey even DLC for arkham knight would be awesome if arrow was in it, even a flash game would be great,

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