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Netflix is three times bigger than Spotify in the U.S. region.

The advanced digital media age is making competition tougher for all the companies. Netflix Inc. is currently the uncrowned king of the streaming industry and it will surely be at the top in the coming times as well. Netflix is considered as one of the most popular platforms where internet users pass their time on. According to a recent study, the streaming giant is much more popular than Spotify. Jacobs Media, who drew attention to the continuing disparity between both streaming services, conducted the study.

Jacobs Media concluded that the streaming giant is three times more popular than Spotify in the American region. The survey had nearly 42,000 American participants who reported their daily, weekly, and monthly media consumption habits to the media company. The streaming service provider’s services were being used 3.4 times more than Spotify by the American users. To be precise, only 10% of the 42,000 participants use it at least once a week whereas 34% participants used Netflix in the same period.

This is quite poor for Spotify as it is much easier to use due to its portability advantage. Netflix has tried to become more user-friendly over the years by allowing users to access on different platforms such as from TVs to laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles. It has still needs a proper working connection. On the contrary, it gives an option to its users to access the app – either online or offline – given the best ‘multitasking nature of music streaming’.

According to a source, the stats keep getting worse for the music streaming service provider. “On the paid front, Netflix also has more than three times the number of paying subscribers as Spotify, despite bigger content gaps. As of October, Netflix reported 69.17 million paying subscribers; Spotify has 20 million paying subscribers worldwide, with an unknown fraction coming from North America.”

The music streaming service stated that it is close to completing 100 million free and paid users by the end of this year. However, a major chunk of the 1 million users will be free and ad supported users. Recently, the company announced that it has counted nearly 75 million users as of now but out of them only 20 million users, which is accountable for 27% of the total user base, have a paid subscription of Spotify.

Netflix is ranked at 5th position with 34%. Radio leads the chart by 92% followed by Facebook and YouTube with 71% and 53% respectively.


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