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I think we have all come to terms with the fact that Captain America: Civil War is going to stray greatly from the 'Civil War' comics. After all, it has become the norm for these films to be loosely based on their source material as opposed to pulling the images and text right off of the page.

However, Marvel has done a pretty good job of fan service by leaving in some key points from the comics. There are several opportunities within this film to do just that. Some panels from 'Civil War' that were just so powerful and important that it seems like a no-brainer to put them in the movie in one way or another.

Some of them, of course, will have to change based on the characters that are available for the film and the story development that has not yet taken place. The powerful meaning of these panels though, can still come through on screen in a big way.

Be Warned: Potential 'Captain America: Civil War' Spoilers Follow!

Here are 10 comic book panels that we could see in Captain America: Civil War.

1. "...Obey the will of the American people, Captain."

Why it's great: This line from Maria Hill both creates the divide between Captain America and the American Government and perfectly sums up the whole story. It also kind of makes you hate Maria Hill, or is that just me?

What needs to change: Not much, that's the beauty of it. If anything, she might not say "American" people, seeing as how we know the initial complaints are coming from the people of Sokovia.

2. The right thing?

Why it's great: Tony Stark, in true Tony Stark fashion, is doubting himself. When they're face-to-face, both Cap and Tony seem completely confident in their decisions. When Tony is alone however, we see him questioning his actions. Personally, this made me more confident in choosing a side.

What needs to change: Possibly just the actual name of the movement. Tony may not be doubting his support of the Superhuman Registration Act, but rather just doubting going up against Cap.

3. Hunted heroes

Why it's great: This shows just how far the SRA goes. Government agents are willing to do anything to take down the rogue heroes that have refused to register. It's one thing to tell you they're fugitives. It's another to show you them being hunted down.

What needs to change: Patriot. I doubt we will be introduced to the leader of the Young Avengers in this film. I would expect to see something like this with a very minor character that we won't see at all in future films.

4. It's a trap!

Why it's great: It shows that Tony Stark is willing to play dirty. He fakes an incident at a factory to draw out Cap and his troops. This leads to the first real showdown between the two sides. And it all happened because Tony tricked them.

What needs to change: Obviously, we won't be seeing these characters on Cap's side. Cable, Cloak and Wiccan won't be appearing in this movie. The location of the trap may be changed as well. Could the airport scenes we see in the trailer be Tony's trap?

5. Fire with fire

Why it's great: Tony isn't the only one playing dirty. Cap was ready for him and planted a bug on his hand that temporarily shut down Tony's armor. Ok, so maybe that was what really started the first fight. I guess both guys are to blame.

What needs to change: Not much more than the presence of some other characters. We won't be seeing the Fantastic Four and I doubt we'll even see Spidey here.

6. Along came a Spider

Why it's great: Throughout the comic you could tell how uncomfortable Spider-Man was with everything that was happening. If you're like me, this finally gave you the feeling that he was doing the right thing. Plus, his fight with Tony was awesome!

What needs to change: A few things will have to differ here. First of all, the history between the two will be vastly different. I would see this more as being sort of a recruitment attempt gone wrong. And obviously, that would mean that we would not be seeing the Iron Spider costume, what with Peter just meeting Tony. Basically this scene would have to greatly condense all of the history between the two, but still with a moment of hesitation from Peter it could make for a great scene.

7. Sleep well, Judas

Why it's great: Because it is! What a great line! It really shows how much hatred the fugitive heroes have for Tony. It really hits as one of the most powerful lines in the comics and I think it could do the same on screen.

What needs to change: We won't see this line come from Daredevil. However, I have an idea for a great replacement. What if this line is delivered by Clint Barton? Given the history between the two that we have seen develop over a couple of movies now, this would be an intense scene.

8. Not Amazing... Spectacular

Why it's great: In the comic, it's just another clever line from one of Marvel's best trash talkers. In the film though, it takes that to another level. A reboot following the less-than-popular (to put it nicely) Amazing Spider-Man series is very highly anticipated and had been rumored to go by the Spectacular Spider-Man title. Without completely breaking it, why not flirt with that fourth wall a bit?

What needs to change: Obviously, the "Amazing" line won't come from Reed Richards. That's not important though. The line itself is what I want to see.

9. His armor is compromised, Captain

Why it's great: The Vision doesn't play a huge role throughout the comics. This is a great opportunity to get him involved in a crucial part of the film. We also know that The Vision is going to be on Tony's side to start the film, but it is believed that he will switch sides due to his affection for Scarlet Witch. This could be a great way to do that.

What needs to change: Not much outside of how we get to this point.

10. Cap's realization

Why it's great: The moment spans over a few pages because of how important it is on so many levels. This is Captain America realizing that his actions are hurting the people he swore to protect. This is Captain America admitting he was wrong showing a willingness to pass his monicker to someone else. This is Captain America surrendering.

What needs to change: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This would be a powerful moment in the MCU that could shake the groundwork that has been laid and set up the future films. This would be a great ending to the war and a great beginning to Bucky's shield-wielding days.


What do you think? Will we see some of these scenes?


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