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With Christmas just around the corner and the cold setting in, it's time to gather around the fire, sip egg nog with friends and watch the seasonal films we all love. A Christmas Carol, Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life, those kinds of films, right? But if you're like me and feel the need for something a little more horrific, your Christmas watching list probably looks a bit more like this: Black Christmas, Gremlins, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Don't Open Till Christmas, Christmas Evil and Rare Exports, just to name a few.

There's just something about Christmas themed horror that excites us as horror fans, and we simply can't get enough. Holiday horror is making a solid comeback and we have something to unleash to all you hungry horror fans out there. A slice of Christmas exploitation.

Ruining Christmas 2016: Good Tidings

Two-Headed Snake Entertainment are happy to announce that post-production is underway on the upcoming Christmas slasher/thriller GOOD TIDINGS.

The movie draws inspiration from genre classics, taking influence from Black Christmas, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silent Night Deadly Night , whilst still maintaining elements of more modern horror thrillers.


A homeless war-veteran with a chequered past must rely on a side of himself once thought buried when he and his companions are targeted on Christmas Day by three vicious psychopaths in Santa suits.


Good Tidings was written and produced by horror enthusiasts Stu Jopia, Stuart W. Bedford and Giovanni Gentile. The film was shot on a location in a disused courthouse in Southport, Merseyside. Amanda Robertshaw has opened the courthouse doors for the first time and allowed a film crew inside to create this daring 70's style siege movie.


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