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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead comics, and potential spoilers for The Walking Dead TV series. You have been warned.

Many people that have read the comics know that things from the comics are completely different in the TV show. Some people die, while others live and visa versa. Some characters are completely made up, while others are straight from the comics. However, upon further analysis of the pages and the screen, one can see that all the events from the comics still play out, just not necessarily in the way you would think. All mantles are picked up by someone else or at the very least will be soon. Before we can get to who has a date with Lucille, we should probably address a few story arcs that have been closed and others that are still open.

Handless Rick

Handless Rick from the comics
Handless Rick from the comics

As most people have probably already learned, Rick in the comics has no hand. After it was cut off by the governor, Rick has been a little less "handy" since the prison. Most the theories I see out there are saying that rick needs to lose a hand, but I don't think that is going to happen. The reason being is that someone else already took up that mantle. Our very own Merle Dixon took that Rick sacrifice.

Merle Dixon
Merle Dixon

Dale Death and Bob Stookley

Dale died prematurely in the TV series.... WAAAAYYYY prematurely. In fact 2 characters picked up his comic character's counter part in the TV Series. Much like the Merle/Rick lost hand arc, Hershel took on the missing leg of dale (notice both legs missing in the picture below), but Bob Stookley actually finished the story arc of Dale by completing his death AND his romance. Without going into to much of a tangent on the case, Sasha also picked up the mantle of another character that died prematurely...Andrea. She continued the relationship that Andrea had with Dale by making it with Bob. She has also become the sharpshooter of the tower in Alexandria.

These are just 2 examples of mantle carrying, but they help to set the basis of my theory. So the question is, "What story arcs are still open, and who is going to pick them up?" The answer to this question is still open on many of the characters, since the TV show still has a way to go. However, the main one I am going to touch on is....

The Dead Baby....

In the comics, Judith is gone, having been killed due to infanticide by her very own mother. I can only assume that they kept her alive in the TV series because of "disgust" reasoning. She is obviously very much alive now, and it would be a little too heartless at this point to kill her off.

If you remember from Season 6 Episode 5, Maggie told Aaron that she was pregnant. This is actually straight out of the comics, as she was also pregnant about this time in there as well. So what does all this have to do with Lucille?

Lucille's Date:

That's right, I think based on evidence, that pregnant Maggie is going to have the date with Lucille. If you really think about it, from a TV ratings standpoint and for comic readers, this would accomplish the following:

  • It will close the dead baby arc (assuming you agree that unborn babies are still babies)
  • It will establish the evil and vileness of Negan ( I mean come on, he just kill a pregnant woman)
  • It will still have the same effect on the story and characters
  • It will be a major character without being one that will cause riots (i.e. Daryl)

Glenn would pick up the mantle of Maggie in the comics from here on out, and Judith would pick up the mantle of baby Hershel. It would be a win win all around.

What do you think?


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