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For all of those Doctor Who fans out there, how many times have you heard, or been privy to, discussions on the most freaky DW monsters and villains? Answers range from the classic Daleks, Cybermen, The Master, Vashta Nerada, and the topic of this here article, Weeping Angels.

For those of you not familiar with the Weeping Angels, they are quantum-locked statues that feed off of Time Energy. Basically they can only move when you aren't looking, and when they touch you they send you back in time and use the resulting energy as a food source.\

And then we found out this little tidbit: the image of an angel, is itself an angel.

But why is it that these statues instill so much fear? There is no danger of being biologically altered (Cybermen), no sadistic mind games (The Master) not even instant death (Daleks, Vashta Nerada). In fact the only thing that changes is that you go back in time.

Sure you may be away from family and friends, but you have a lifetime to establish your new life. Who knows this may even be a blessing to some! Just ask the Doctor's Companions.

It turns out one of the reasons we may find the Weeping Angels so terrifying is related to a type of fear known as loss of autonomy; the fear of being immobilized, overwhelmed, entrapped, or imprisoned.

In the video below Ava Anderson discusses why this may be the answer, but argues that it may also have much to do with our innate flight-or-fight response. This response gives us an out, a choice, but when it comes to the angels, does us no good. You can't fight something that wins by touching you, and you can't run from something that only moves when you aren't looking.

Simply put, we fear the angels because they imprison us in the past, and the one thing we can depend on when fear kicks in (flight-or-fight) is utterly useless.


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