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All those years of acting in action flicks has finally paid off! Nicolas Cage can now put badass hero on his resume for real.

15-year-old Alexis Boroviak suddenly went missing in mid-November while walking her dog. Her stepfather, Britton Ramsey, decided to take matters into his own hands after a lack of results.

Ramsey got wind that Nicolas Cage was filming his new movie Dog Eat Dog in a nearby town in Ohio. He immediately hurried over with a picture of his daughter.

Being the kind, concerned person he is, Cage posed with the photo and poster of the daughter, which immediately went viral and alerted the entire nation so that they may help.

While Cage's support in the case definitely helped, it was ultimately Alexis's mother who found a worrisome social media page and reported it. They were finally able to track down 41-year-old Christopher David Shroeder who had been chatting with Alexis and convinced her to come to his Missouri home after meeting on an Internet chat site.

Although Alexis had left willingly, she claims she was too frightened to leave as Shroeder owned multiple guns. Shroeder has been charged with statutory rape, making child pornography, and transporting a minor with intent of criminal sexual activity.

Ramsey told TMZ that he hasn't seen Cage since, but would like to thank the helpful man by buying him a beer.

Now we know who to call when we have any problems. Nicolas Cage is the man.

[Source: HelloGiggles]


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