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I've watched every Batman movie and I love DC

It's official Cyborg is in ,,Batman v Superman''.Now none has confirmed this from DC well they kinda did confirm it.Not in public but on their wikipedia page.If you go to DC Extended Universe Wikipedia you will see somewhere at the bottom list of recurring cast and characters.And under there it says. This table only includes characters which have appeared/appearing in multiple films within the shared universe.

A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film, or that the character's presence in the film has not yet been announced.

A V indicates a voice-only role.Now on that list you can see on the top of the list are the names of all of the movies coming out and on the left side u will see this characters for example it says Victor Stone(Cyborg) and it's under the Batman v Superman movie.If you don't trust me go and see it for yourself.It actually says as well Ray Fisher had been cast as Victor Stone / Cyborg, making his live-action theatrical debut, in a minor role that will become more significant in additional films leading up to the proposed Justice League film.So he won't be Cyborg in the movie but it's still awesome to see Victor Stone in this movie and who knows.Maybe pardemons attack Victor and the only way to save him is to equip him with metal gear.So Victor may get attacked and we will only know what happened to him in the Justice League movie.If this sounds confusing just go and visit DC Extended Universe Wikipedia it will all make sense.


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