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If you're a lover of anime like I am, you probably are for many reasons. May I list a few good points as to why?

1) The hilarious comedian-like characters, including those classic faces only an artist of animation can create.

2) Intense screaming scenes that only consist of screaming and nothing else (only truly appreciated in anime).

3) The sickest and baddest looking bad guys are found here, along with top of the line boss-looking weapons and gear.

4) Fight scenes are amazingly unreal and impossible to recreate through live action films. Punches and swinging of sharp objects can be thrashed and maneuvered in any which way, adding an adrenaline rush to those watching.

5) Camera angles can be captured in between and up and around any scene no matter where, making close ups and perfect captures easy to produce.

6) Stories can include anything from mystical beings with inhuman strength and feats to mecha-type robots manned and fought by humans (to be more precise any plot can be created with ease).

Taken from the movie Spirited Away, a perfect example of anime in its greatness.
Taken from the movie Spirited Away, a perfect example of anime in its greatness.

However, there seems to be I noticed a consistency of bad with the good. Sadly even with the high potential output anime can produce, there still ruptures from the depths of hell those "movies that ruin the whole genre" type of movies.

As in regards to anime, may I bring up one movie that may do this to those who are questioning the possibilities within this genre? Do take into consideration that the points I bring up here are general and can be seen in other movies as well.

Patlabor: The Mobile Police. Released in 1989.
Patlabor: The Mobile Police. Released in 1989.

If we were to compare Spirited Away to Patlabor: The Mobile Police, the strike difference in overall production would be massive, with Patlabor being on the bottom of the scale. Having noticed however that many fans have taken a liking to these series (yes, there's more than just one film), I will merely go over my thoughts as to watching the first of it. Remember as well what makes animation so unique and different for you personally, besides my few points I gave at the beginning of this post.

A mobile mecha-type police used in the movie.
A mobile mecha-type police used in the movie.

Mamoru Oshii's Patlabor: The Mobile Police is an awful entry into the anime genre, an imperfect orchestration of uniqueness and creation as dull as it can get.

Despite the one action scene at the very end, the storyline may bore you to the core. It takes place around Tokyo where robot-type machines manned by humans help with projects such as laboring and policing. Throughout the course of the movie the machines will act as if they have a mind of their own and cause destruction and mayhem. A special police force is dispatched with Nao Izumi, Asuma Shinohara and Kanuka Clancy taking the lead. However, don't let your hopes get too high as Patlabor may unintentionally leave you worse off than you were before for many reasons.

As to why this movie gives off bad vibes for others like it, the following are my observations (may contain spoiler alerts):

1) Very slow paced, and for a crime plot, not enough hints are left to give the "why" as certain scenes are taking place.

2) The villain in this film is given no background or reason/motive behind his scheme of planting viruses in the robots that he himself helped create, making it hard to find the link throughout the film.

3) For a story that involves robot/mecha machines, seeing these in action is very minimum (making the already slow paced plot empty of action)

4) Character development seemed rush, meaning not enough time or too much time switching between characters wasn't beneficial in creating a stable relationship with the audience and characters themselves.

5) The climax of this story involves a manned robot police dueling another malfunctioning robot, but the potential in which the fight could've portrayed falls shortly, leaving you disappointed as the fight you've been waiting for ends quickly with no intense maneuvering or fighting moves. If you've seen Gundam or perhaps Code Geass, you won't find any kind of similar fighting scenes in Patlabor.

In short, this movie and many other movies like it fail to achieve the true potential animation holds. Boredom and a bad taste in your mouth is what will happen when watching these similar-trait shows.

Don't forget though that this is just the crap side of anime that you'll want to stay away from (unless you like crap, than that's a whole different story). The good side still exists and makes the world a better place because of it.

Heroes shall always prevail, and so shall anime.
Heroes shall always prevail, and so shall anime.

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