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Let's be honest, we all have been waiting for this for a long time, and in February the wait will be over. Will this movie hold Deadpool's character to his comic books representation? With Hugh Jackman fitting perfectly as Wolverine and Robert Downy Jr. suiting Iron Man. (Intentionally punny) Ryan Reynolds playing the main role of "Deadpool" shouldn't be disappointing.

  • Reason 1, Personality:Now if anyone could play Deadpool It would be Mr. Reynolds. He's got that certain attitude that handles sass and dark humor quite well. Not only is he hilarious, but he knows how to be bad ass at the same time. Mixing both elements just goes hand in hand for the "Deadpool" movie. Going back to his humor, here are a few of his interesting tweets! Sound like anybody we know?!

Yes, this is the exact kind of humor that we need to have for "Deadpool."

The original question for Ryan was "Might be a long shot, but what kind of fabric is the "Deadpool" suit made out of?"

Reason 2, Experience/Interest: Reynolds is quite the fanboy of "Deadpool" and has been pushing at FOX for the last eleven years for this movie. He has played many comic book characters before.Unfortunately, all of the comic movies he's been in were very poorly directed with awful scripts and that caused a lot of backlash on Ryan. (except maybe "Blade:Trinity") In a recent article it is stated that

Speaking about Green Lantern, Reynolds told the magazine he didn't "give a rusty f---" about the film's poor performance, as it let him avoid making a number of sequels: "I think I would be probably in prep for Green Lantern 3 right now. That sounds about right.”

and we all wouldn't want that. Also in the comics Deadpool actually refers to his looks at one point as "A cross between Ryan Reynolds and a Shar Pei." So, having Ryan as Deadpool makes it follow the comics technically!

Also as a little side note, it's also going to be rated R, and not PG-13.(which is great!)

Reason 3, Fans Acceptance: One of the biggest reasons why Ryan Reynolds is the key to the "Deadpool" movie. Almost every "Deadpool" fan out there has shown their support for Ryan Reynolds playing the role and believe nobody could be a better choice.

With all of that in mind, I believe that we all are looking forward to the "Deadpool" movie. Having Ryan Reynolds as the main character just seems quite fitting. With all of his humor,experience, and fan backing there can't be a more suited candidate to please the audience.


What are you most excited to see in the new "Deadpool" movie?


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