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An Australian independent filmmaker with a mission not to become a "dependent" filmmaker.
Alessandro Frosali

I'm Alessandro Frosali from Yeti Boy Films. A production company that is aimed at delivering high quality narrative films that are story driven and look amazing.

“Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction -- its essence -- has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all.”
― Isaac Asimov

'Snare' - A Short SciFi Thriller

I absolutely love science fiction. It allows us to be taken on a journey, whether it be different galaxies, alternate realities or the not too distant future. But at the end of the journey we are ultimately left looking into our own lives and problems with a new outlook on how to prevent the reality we have seen.

Snare was my attempt at something different, something grand and an homage to some of my favorite films. I would normally write a synopsis here but before continuing, it is so much better if you take the 14 minutes to surprise yourself.


Gif From Giphy
Gif From Giphy

Why The Twist?

I normally find twists in modern films to be a bit manufactured and cheap, however I found that this was the only way that I would potentially get across the severity of Lillian's situation.

I got the idea for Snare after seeing too many episodes of Punk'd, the rotations of Slap Cam and the trend to objectify women. One day I realized that we could potentially live in a very sick world... very soon. The tag line "a story about what could happen, so that hopefully it won't" was what we used when we successfully crowdfunded the film in January (and I believe that it is still relevant).

The way we as a society devour reality TV shows and feed off manufactured emotions can be quite alarming. Imagine if in a few years we start to become desensitized to the joy or sadness of a contestant on X Factor and we start to crave something more.....

Neel Kolhatkar as the Presenter from "Snare"
Neel Kolhatkar as the Presenter from "Snare"

Science Fiction is a prevention

Science fiction films let you play, dream and imagine worlds, but it is at its most effective when it becomes prevention for the world we can see on the horizon. It can be seen in The Truman Show, 1984, Brand New World, Bladerunner, Gattaca, Soylent Green, Black Mirror and so much more.

It is a dystopian world that the dreamer thinks is possible and the most amazing thing is that these stories and films become a way for us to all to experience and then agree on what we do not want in our future.

So I'll keep making more!

'Til next time.

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