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Sometimes life imitates art - and sometimes not in a good way.

Norman Reedus is known for playing the badass character Daryl Dixon on AMC's zombie drama series The Walking Dead. He attended the Walker Stalker Convention NY/NJ, giving fans the opportunity to snag pictures and autographs with the star.

Several reports state that a female fan was in line waiting to take pictures with Reedus and once called up, she told Reedus that she likes to pretend she is married to him. She then decided he was too delicious and needed to take a bite of him.

That's right people. This lady thought it'd be appropriate to bite the actor, causing security to run in and restrain her. This is such a shame, as Reedus is known for being really friendly with fans, even making silly poses with them or jokingly licking them.

The crazed fan even wrote an apology onto her Instagram, but it is too late for this super fan; she has since been banned from Walker Stalker Con.

Reedus also responded via his Instagram account, with this to the point message.

I have a feeling his interaction with fans might turn into something more restrictive, as Reedus has enough zombie bites to fight off as it is.

[Source: Fansided]


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