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So we have finally reached the midpoint in Season 6 of The Walking Dead. So much has happened and, yet, we still have the other part of the season to look forward to.

It's so odd during the hiatuses as mentally I'm still preparing for a new episode each week. And the cliffhanger...I need that answered now!

But, since it won't be any time soon, I'll talk about what I thought of the first half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Morgan Fighting a Wolf
Morgan Fighting a Wolf

Morgan had his own backstory episode this season. I liked it as it showed the journey from the last time we saw Morgan. We got to see how Morgan became sane again.

Of course... sane isn't the right word as there will always be a little madness hidden underneath.

I was probably one of the few that wasn't going ballistic in preparation of this episode.

As I've stated before, I never really got the big hype about the character. However, I highly enjoyed this episode.

Something to like about Morgan is his outlook on the world. It's one of the things that keeps him sane in an ever changing world. It is what helped bring him back and focus.

Morgan's mantra is "all life is precious".

While this mantra would have no problem in the world we know now, in the world of The Walking Dead it is highly problematic. No one in Rick's group, except for Glenn, has gotten this far without taking a human life.

There are instances when humans are the bigger danger and must be killed. While Morgan taking in the Wolf was noble, it put the group in a position where another danger was released at the worst possible time.

Though, really, the Wolf escaping was Carol's fault in the end.

A Herd of Walkers
A Herd of Walkers

The season begins with a giant herd of Walkers. I was warned that it was huge and yet I was still surprised when I saw it. It is something you can be warned about and still be in complete shock when you see it for yourself.

I did like how this season has kept the size of the herd huge even during episodes that haven't been so Walker heavy.

I just want to give a kudos to all the extras and crew that made those Walker scenes happen. Those were were something!

Something that must be addressed in this review is that the season was laid out much different than past seasons.

We ended up seeing where everyone was at each point in time. This meant the long wait to see if Glenn survived to who was on the other side of the radio. It was annoying at times as I just wanted time to move properly.

However, it means something when a show's fanbase sticks with it when something odd like this is pulled.

Carol Disguised as a Wolf
Carol Disguised as a Wolf

Since last season, we've been teased about the Wolves. The extreme buildup, well extreme as in lengthy, made me imagine how horrible these people were. Why I should fear them. How intelligent they were.

I admit to being slightly disappointed. Maybe I was just imagining too much and so when I saw something that didn't match up...a little disappointed.

Not to say that the Wolves didn't seem creepy. The episode they appeared in started slow but, boy, did it gain speed and quickly!

And when Morgan saved a Wolf, we got to see how patient and conniving the group was.

Something that only recently occurred to me was Carol dressing up as a Wolf. In the show that was merely a way that she could infiltrate the Wolves and kill them, thereby protecting the town of Alexandria.

But could it be something more?

Carol is always one step away from turning crazy. She was banished from the Prison for a reason and she hasn't seemed to resolve those issues, as is seen from her fight with Morgan in the finale.

So what if her dressing up as a Wolf is showing herself for who she is? Or for who she could become?

Glenn and Nicholas Surrounded by Walkers
Glenn and Nicholas Surrounded by Walkers

I liked Nicholas in terms of character development. I will never forgive him for killing Noah (the most brutal death on the show) but I warmed up to how he was trying to earn forgiveness.

How he was trying to adapt to the world that he now lived in. So when he shot himself I was devastated. I actually wouldn't have minded Glenn dying and Nicholas' character getting a boost.

Now he wouldn't survive for himself, but to pay respects to the man that had died for him.

Yeah...I go dark a lot of times. You're all probably really glad I'm not a writer for the show right now.

I have to DVR most of everything I watch. So I don't see episodes until a day or two, at least, after they have aired. To combat the dread of seeing if Glenn was alive or dead I enlisted my fiance to ONLY tell me if there was an update about him. Plus to say if Glenn was alive or dead.

Usually I don't like spoilers, but I needed to know if my ickle Glenn was okay.

Needless to say, I was more than a little overjoyed that Glenn was alive. At least he is for now.

I hope he stays alive for seasons to come.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Now looking forward to the rest of Season 6 I am thinking about things that might happen.

I am excited for Negan to show up, to see what he's all about. I haven't read the comics but those who have seem to really like him. Plus, he's being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

I adore the actor and am glad to get a weekly fix of him again. To see how he could play Negan, watch The Watchmen (2009). He plays the Comedian in that movie.

I have speculated, in the past, that Daryl Dixon could die. I hope he doesn't, as I adore the character, but I am always ready for the show to rip my heart out.

What are you looking forward to the rest of Season 6 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead comes back from hiatus on February 14, 2016 on AMC. The perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

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