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As I was on my home tonight on the hellish bus journey that is my ride home, I found myself reading about the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) film. What I began to think about it was how the match ups would happen during the film and I thought I would share my theory on what we're going to see and who will come out on top.

First up is Iron Man vs Captain America

Now we've already seen from the awesome trailer ( if you haven't seen it, firstly where have you been and secondly I'll put it at the end of this post ) Cap is giving Stark a pretty serious beat down with the help of Bucky. I think at some point though Bucky will have to fend off an attack from somewhere else, leave the two big guns to duke it out. The question is who would win? What I would like to see is one of them realising that the only way they can stop the other is to take him down permanently. In doing so it gets to the point when they are about to deliver a killing blow and Spider-Man comes in and puts a stop to it. Having someone so young be the voice of reason makes them snap out of it and realise what they were about to do. It doesn't necessarily mean they will have solved the issue but it puts an end to the fight.

Next up Black Widow vs Hawkeye

Now if you cast your mind back to Avengers Assemble, you will remember that these two have already had an onscreen fight. If you can't remember it was when Hawkeye was being controlled by Loki. At the end of this fight it was pretty clear that Black Widow can take Hawkeye, given the fact that she knocks him the hell out. During Civil War though can we expect to see the same thing. I think its going to be an interesting one, especially as at the end of Age of Ultron they were pretty close after what they went through. It will put a serious strain on their friendship and I wouldn't be surprised if one of them switches sides at the end of the fight. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Hawkeye for this one. I think that Tony will do something quite drastic that will make Natasha rethink her positition in the battle. A nice twist could be that she is working undercover for Cap and his team and she helps bring Iron-Man down at the end.

Match 3 we have War Machine vs Falcon

I've put these two together because Falcon is the only one on Caps team that can fly and give War Machine a run for his money ( I'm not counting the clip we saw of Scarlet Witch using beams of energy as we don't know how high she can go with that). Also the added bonus that these are both military men will provide a decent argument as to which one thinks that they are in the right. War Machine does have supreme firepower but lets face it, he's no Tony Stark in the suit. Falcon does have the advantage of being more nimble with the wings and being able to switch in and out of flying may give him the edge. Then of course there is the clip from the trailer where Tony is craddling Rhodey who looks in a bad way.

There is also a chance that one of the characters will die during the battle which could be one of the reasons that it ends as both sides realise that things have gone too far. If its going to be anyone I think that it could be War Machine. It could even be the thing that kicks of the Civil War and the need for Superheroes to register.

Next up for a scrap we have Vision vs Scarlet Witch

This one is a lot harder to try to come up with a clear winner. Vision has been shown as being on Iron-Mans side in promotional material but there is nothing saying that he can't easily be swayed. He is going to be making his choices based on his understanding of what he thinks is right for humanity. There have been a lot of articles saying that Tony Stark is very manipulative in the film and he could be the one that convinces Vision to join his side. Once the fight gets under way though Scarlet Witch could show Vision a glimpse of what life could be like if Tony wins. He would then see how the heroes are treated, especially if they showed a glipse of the prison that Tony builds with Reed Richards in the Civil War comic series. Also there could be a hint of the romantic relastionship that Vision and Scartlet Witch have which could sway the fight and cause issues.

But and its and big one. When someone can wield Mjolnir like Vision can then the fight could be over before its even started.

Up next is Black Panther vs Winter Solider/Bucky Barnes

Again this one is quite difficult to call. We have all seen how well Bucky can handle himself since he became the Winter Solider. What we don't really know about yet is what his mental state is. He may be one sandwich short of a full picnic. EIther way, he knows how to take care of himself and if he is slowly starting to get his old persona back then he is going to fight with all he has when it comes to helping his old buddy Steve. As we've seen in the trailer, they make a pretty formidable team when they take down Iron-Man. Bucky also looks like he really wants to rip the arc reactor right out of Tony's chest. He could also be the one that causes War Machines death (if the story goes that way). I'm not calling this one and will leave it up to you people to decide who you think would win.

Last but not least - The Wildcard. Spiderman vs Ant-Man

I used the above image of Spider-Man purely because its what showed up when I typed it into google under Spider-Man Civil War suit. Its as good a guess as any but will more than likely be nothing like it.
I used the above image of Spider-Man purely because its what showed up when I typed it into google under Spider-Man Civil War suit. Its as good a guess as any but will more than likely be nothing like it.

So this last one is pure speculation as we don't even know how big a part both of these characters has in the film. Although if they did get to fight then just imagine the wise cracking that would take place. Also how cool would it be if Spiderman caught Ant-Man in a web while he was small and just left him there. Again its prob not going to happen its just my geeky fan boy imagination getting the better of me.

So thats it. What do you think of the pairings and do you agree with them or would you like to see others paired up to fight. Feel free to comment and let me know. I do love a good chin wag about Superheroes.

Oh and as promised here is that trailer for the only 3 on the entire planet not to have seen it yet.

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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