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The Recap! Introduction

Thanks for checking out the Recap! A blog rewinding all the relevant comic-book news and breaking it down while looking at everyone's thoughts, theories, and expectations for upcoming events! We have a lot to breakdown since we're just starting out, so catching up to everything will be spread out over the next couple blogs posts as well, but fret not, I'll get to the most recent topics first. So let's get right to it! (Spoilers from here on out)

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Make no mistake, I am pumped for this movie. Batman v Superman has me as well as many others excited for so many different reasons, and the most recent trailer, while not without criticism, seems to have fans ready to see the world director Zack Snyder is creating.


Okay, so it seems the creators were prepared to pack a lot into three minutes. we saw:

  • Bruce Wayne rolls up and Clark asks who he was. Eventually they get to talking and they get into an argument over whether or not it is hypocritical to say Batman's in the wrong if Superman is free to do whatever as well but without criticism.
  • We are shown some of the premise, that Batman plans to go to war with Superman because he believes Superman has "brought the war to us".
  • Lex is shown to be in support of Batman and Superman's feud.
  • Batman and superman appear to be fighting while Lex has recovered General Zod's body.
  • Doomsday appears and so does WonderWoman the latter of whom blocks a blast the we can only assume was fired off by the former. The trailer ends with a shot of the Trinity standing side by side to face the new threat.

OK so breaking down what we were shown first, Clark Kent appears to be meeting Bruce Wayne for the first time. While this scene was cool I couldn't help but wonder what kind of reporter Clark is if he didn't know who Bruce Wayne was. I mean I could buy growing up in a small town all your life but once you move to Metropolis and live there for a while working in the main newspaper station as someone who's job it is to know the obvious people are, it seemed kind of silly. I'm not deterred though, not just because Bruce shutting Clark down was so satisfying to see, but also we get a glimpse of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, something I'm very excited to check out. The character of Lex is receiving some negative criticism from this trailer though, starting with this scene. People are comparing his characterization to that of The Joker and the Riddler in both tone and presentation. While I can see where this is coming from in these shots I also uphold 3 things about this. 1.) This trailer seemed to me to be heavily influenced by the studio heads, making many elements seemed shoehorned in, especially Eisenberg's lines. 2.) Lex Luthor is first and foremost a charming businessman in pubic, and that's mostly what he see him as here, his true face is nothing like what he shows the public. 3.) I think Eisenberg has it in him to make a great cunning bad guy.

So next we get some sweet, sweet montages of the Knightmare sequence, Superman going to what seemed to be some sort of committee in the first trailer, and the Bat-cave. Batman alludes to the cause of the skirmish by stating that Superman has brought destruction to them and we are shown shots from the Man of Steel movie where Supes fight's Zod in Metropolis, which, if we remember, is right after Metropolis is attacked with the world engine, which, if we remember, was only even there because Zod spent his time tracking down where Superman was sent. We are shown some of the combat between ironbat and Supes, and Superman has the decency to acknowledge what everyone knows in the back of their head: "if I wanted it, you'd be dead already." Hearing that from the big authoritative Superman voice restores my faith that the creators know what characters they're dealing with. As much as I want the big blue boy-scout to get smacked up and down the street there's still not much argument to "Well I could just throw him into orbit or something". Even in TDKR, which was the inspiration behind this premise, Superman kept reminding Bruce with warnings such as "don't make me do this".

Before Superman says this however, we are shown another stretch of the Knightmare sequence in which Batman is fighting in a desert-like environment. This scene is causing much speculation because what is flying around batman at the time seems to be parademons at first glance. They are flying everywhere and abducting people, which is exactly what they do. Parademons, for those who aren't into DC comics are the minions of the villain known as Darksied, a threat that even the Justice League never really defeats, they just make him go away. IF the parademon theory is true then it gives way to another popular theory that WonderWoman is having a vision of the future if Batman and Supermen never resolve their differences. This makes sense and would be very cool, however the other theory is that superman is a dictator like figure at this point in time and those are not parademons but soldiers with hi-tech armor that includes wings. Personally, I'm not sure which to believe. I think that the pardemons could easily be done but to drop something like Darksied in this movie is really ambitious. It would be amazing though, so this I'm hoping Darksied is the case.

Enter Doomsday. It would appear that the old theory that Lex Luthor has acquired Zod's body and mutated it into one of the most devastating forces in comics is true. Doomsday shows up and jumps through a build like the nothing that it is to him. This scene is set up really weird to me. It seems he shows up in front of batman and attempts to fire an energy blast at him. It could just be me over-analyzing, but it seems to me the shot of Batman flinching then being saved is not the same scene as the energy explosion that takes out multiple city blocks. Batman flinching is an interesting point in itself. I uphold that some of the best depictions of Batman is showing how mortal he can be, so I didn't have to much of a problem with him throwing his hand up if he was in such a situation. I do however acknowledge the other side of the coin as valid, as Batman probably would not do this in his source material as he is known to be second only to Miracle Man in the "I'm getting out of this at the very last second because I did something off-screen". Seems like a healthy dose of plot armor saved him in the trailer though, so that's a throw to classic Batman if anything.

Enter WonderWoman. She shows up with her unbreakable sword, shield and lasso and is apparently keeping up with her amazonian spirit in that she is no stranger to a fight. Apparently this is the first Batman and Superman are seeing her as well, because they both seemed to be dumbfounded at the warrior princess stealing the show. This little exchange between them seemed to fall under criticism as well because it appeared to be a shoehorned in joke that gave the trailer a lighter feel when combined with the Lex's quirkiness when compared to its previous material. I can see that, this trailer seemed to have a more lighthearted tone than the "do you bleed" and Knightmare sequences, but I think it still portrayed a more serious world DC is set in than other comic book movies, and I actually enjoyed their little "I thought she was with you" line because to me this felt like something taken right off a panel from a Justice League comic. What was also taken off a Justice League comic from this scene? The closing shot. It was a beautiful familiar sight that this writer cannot express the joy of seeing the Trinity and founding members standing side by side to save the world.

Now before everyone gets up in arms about batman and a gun, It's a grenade launcher. He's fighting Doomsday, what's he going to do, kick him?

Wrapping up!

So there it is! The new Batman v Superman trailer has sure made waves in the comic-book community and is promising to lead up to an amazing motion picture and universe that will be introducing DC comics greatest heroes. So now let's recap some announcements we've seen in the wake of the trailer premier. It seems that the Flash is going to make an appearance in this movie which is confirmed here. Aquaman looks amazing in his armor, the bright gold color scheme finally showing more comic Atlantean culture than his previous unite the seven picture, check out the toy-line that revealed this here. I'll end with this: For those saying that they felt the trailer spoiled too much, I don't agree. We knew from the synopsis months ago had Batman and Superman fighting to team up against a bigger threat and all this trailer showed was who that threat is. We still don't know Where the hell Aquaman is, what's WonderWoman been doing all this time if the first Batman and Superman meet her is the final battle, If Flash is confirmed how does he tie in to all of this, How is Victor Stone going to become Cyborg and where is he in all of this, How do they beat Doomsday, Who wins between Batman and Superman in the fight, What's the status of the batfamily after Jasons encounter with the Joker, How does Suicide Squade tie-in to all this since Ben Affleck has been spotted on the set and joker has a potential plot setting moment with Robin shown by Robin suit, were those parademons, what happened to batman to put him in retirement, and much, much more. So with all of that in mind I'd say this trailer showed the most what I already know, that I will be first in line to the premiere of the movie.


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