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If you're a superhero fan, then you've probably heard of the Ismahawk guys, creators of the awesome Nightwing: The Series on YouTube, as well as the fun Minute Match-Ups videos, where they depict two similarly-powered superheroes and pit them against each other to eye-popping (and often hilarious) results.

Episode 3 is The Flash vs. Quicksilver, and it's by far their best video yet. Check it out:

Shout-out to the ice cream guy cameo: "Motherfu--"

We've all been there, dude. We've all been there.

Like all things Ismahawk does, the attention to detail and quality are incredible. The special effects here are great - they've managed to nail The Flash's yellow crackling lightning effect and Quicksilver's blue speed lines warping effect. I mean, just look at those costumes. Look at them! And they made them for a three and a half minute video just because they have such love for their fans and what they do.

If you ask me, this video deserves to get watched and shared a million times and the Ismahawk crew deserves to have their fanbase explode after this one.

They're always putting out new videos, so if you're as comic book geek, superhero fan, or, well, just a geek, you can subscribe to their channel.


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