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On January 15th, 5 wide releases are opening(maybe 4 since not even a plot has been revealed for The Nut Job 2). They include the 5th Wave, Ride Along 2, 13 Hours, and Norm of the North. 3 of them look like they could be great films, but there is one that just looks awful. You guessed it, it's Norm of the North. Now, I am a movie buff, and I want to see mostly everything that comes in theaters. I have so much fun watching movies, and everything that comes with it. I also love most movies I see, so when there is one I say is bad, it is not good. So, I watched the trailer for Norm of the North, not expecting a Pixar Classic, but at least a little sense of goodness. I looked at the plot. Animals go to New York City. It has been done before, but I shrugged it off and kept watching. Them I looked at the animation. It looked awful, and I usually ignore the animation, but this one stuck out. I was getting nervous so I looked at the characters. There voice actors are cheesy and they are obnoxious and unoriginal. Finally, the humor was for 2 year olds, as there was a fart jokes when there is a fart joke in a kids movie, it is not a good sign.

This movie stunned me, as I literally could find nothing to say good about it. Everything was awful. Obviously it will not score with the critics, but what about it's box office chances?

With the 2 year old humor,that eliminates all the 10 and up year old kids that like Pixar movies or other great animated films. This shouldn't attract an older audience as most of them will see 13 Hours. This eliminates the teens as they will most likely see The 5th Wave or Ride Along. If the Nut Job 2 opens that day, the little kids will see that since they know Surly and his crew and want to see more. Now, all the young ones who want to see this probably won't since 13 hours could be a date night for the parents. This movie barely has an audience to show up, so it will be affected greatly. It might bomb with an 8-10 million opening, or it could surprise and open north of 20 million. I'm going with about a 10 million opening, since it doesn't have an audience to show up.

Next, it's reviews. Obviously it will bomb with the critics, but how bad? I think it will play like the Nut Job, and earn a 10-12% on Rotten. Tomatoes.

Something tells me this movie will go south.


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