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Alec Lightwood is the eldest of the Lightwood siblings, and a secondary character in the The Mortal Instruments series. In the first book, Alec is infamous for being a major, well, dick, and the movie portrays him in a similar manner.

When I first started reading the book, I can't say that I enjoyed Alec being in any scene, but as I read on further and the characters developed, I grew to love the misunderstood Shadowhunter

Many TMI fans are outraged that the movie was so different to the book, not to the extent of Percy Jackson but the difference is still substanti. Personally, I could live with the twisted scenes and the ending that didn't make scense, but one thing I couldn't stand was Movie Alec.

Kevin Zegers is an attractive person, yes, but did he fit the role of Alec? Not at all.

Firstly, in the book, Alec wears tatty jumpers and has long scruffy hair. He is also described as tall and slender, that he looks delicate but is actually strong. In the movie however, Alec is all angular features, perfect hair and a chiseled body.

Secondly, the way he acted in the movie. They made him a close second to Valentine, with his snide remarks and violent tendencies, and though he wasn't all rainbows in the book, we could still see the softer side to him.

I believe it is down to the actor. I do not deny that Kevin is a good actor, but he just didn't know Alec. In interviews he kept referring to Alec as a 'killer' and how we 'wanted to show that Alec was a killer,' but our sweet angel Alec had never killed a demon, not one. Why? Because he was protecting his family. Some killer he is.

The second movie has been cancelled, which is a shame because it had a rather beautiful cast, but there may still be hope for a better portrayal of Alec in 'Shadowhunters,' the new television show about The Mortal Instruments.


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