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If you have all heard the rumor that hulk is in the movie, well he's not.

The last time we saw the hulk in the Avengers Age of Ultron he was flying to a place we don't know yet. So he really could be anywhere. After all he has to come back into the MCU sometime soon. With all of that Hulk and Black Widow stuff.

What I've heard from is the reason why Hulk is not being is this movie is to make the sides even. Which is stupid because


There is gonna be a red hulk who will be siding with Iron Man. Well if you all saw from the trailer Thunderbolt Ross (red hulk) is talking about the Super Human Registration Act (SHRA). He saying that Heros can't be roaming around anymore. They need to be watched by the government because it's to dangerous.

What do you all think about this? Comment and join the the conversation!

Sorry if this one was bad! It's my first one.


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