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Believe it or not, of the three young lads that were cast as these iconic roles, Rupert Grint looked and acted the most like how I imagined Ron to be. Ron is written in the books as a guy that is afraid of a terrible amount of things, but is also quite likeable with small eyes, a round head, and red hair. I really think they nailed it when they cast him in the role. I always felt he was the most well acted of the three kids in the earlier films. As the series progressed, Daniel Radcliffe got better and better as an actor (and in the role). Though he isn't how I imagined Harry to look like, I didn't care as much because he did a great job. However, Rupert looked and acted the part extremely well in the first 5 or so films. He was pitch perfect on all of the comic relief, and filled Ron with genuine authenticity that was as close to any character in the book that I can remember. There are a few actors that are runners up for this. I'll list them here:

Emma Watson (Hermione)

Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid)

Richard Harris (Dumbledore)

David Thewlis (Lupin)


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