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Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive press event for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I rant about the entire experience here. During the event, I had the added privilege of sitting with none other than Captain Phasma herself, Gwendoline Christie. To say that I was calm during the entire sit down would be a blatant lie. Luckily for me, Gwendoline is an amazing human being and was nothing but patient with me so major props to her for that.

The first thing I had to ask about what it was what drew her to the character of Captain Phasma who, to me, seemed so vastly different from the character I know her as in Game of Thrones.

With Captain Phasma, I feel so lucky to be playing [ a different kind of ] character from Brienne of Tarth. [ Where Brienne ] has an overriding sense of good, Captain Phasma is a member of the Dark Side. It is quite the opposite personality. I relish the opportunity to have that change and to have that difference. To me, it felt like a totally different character.
It was fun to have that change, to have that difference, and to have the opportunity to explore a character that was so different from the character that I've been playing for a long time in the form of Brienne of Tarth. Obviously, isn't it just always fun to be bad?

Of course we had to touch on the costume itself which seemed to be an immediate fan favorite.

The costume is incredible and designed by the brilliant Michael Kaplan. What I loved about it is that what we’ve seen of Captain Phasma so far, we’ve seen in costume. Our relationship with her has been formed by her character and her actions rather than how the woman has been made in flesh. And I think that’s quite a unique experience in terms women in film.
Gwendoline during the press conference.
Gwendoline during the press conference.

Details about Captain Phasma herself are scarce at best. What we do know is that she's a captain of the Storm Troopers and a member of the New Order. Beyond that, everyone's been pretty tight lipped about her and pretty much anything about the movie that can spoil any plot points. She did, however, give me just a little hint at the type of influence she has in the movie.

I can tell you that she is a Boba Fett styled character. In this movie, she is not at the forefront of the action, but she certainly makes an impact. I will leave it to you and the readers of this interview to divine exactly what that means.

I could tell that was pretty much all I was going to get, but you can't say I didn't try, right? I can respect that kind of secrecy, though. Besides, it's more fun to be surprised anyway.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th.


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