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I am a huge comicbook fan and love super heroes my favorite publishers are DC and marvel and i love all the movies and shows so those will b

Ok i know what your thinking what the hell am i talking about how can Martian man hunter be in Supergirl well heres why.

Hank Henshaw

Okay now your wondering how Hank can be the man in green (not green lantern) , well if you think about there is a lot first off we know hes not human he has glowing red eyes which we have seen hank have which the martian man hunter has.

We have also seen him do completely impossible like defuse a bomb with out any tools or any help but using super strength i assume but also we have seen him in the most recent episode fight off a mental attacks an alien now as gem and escape handcuffs.

If everything i have said has not convinced you that hank Henshaw is the martian man hunter then there is one more thing that can prove it undeniably hank is the martian man hunter and that is (SPOILERS AHEAD) he turns into the martian man hunter near the end of episode 7 of supergirl so if that not enough proof you are just in denial and wanted him to be some one else lie cyborg superman and im sorry for those of you who were hoping for that but i am 100% sure that hank is the last martian J'onn J'onzz.


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