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JESUS virtuous beauty Jennifer always in the wedding dress at the wedding feast where JESUS makes the marriage with Happy FRIENDS, fabulous foods without the serpent that bites, without the scorpion that stings, without the stone that breaks everything that thinks it is a engineered edible food: the nun song none of this with any of these: no GMO's, no preservatives, no pesticides, no bt toxins that spoil a persons immune digestive system, no oxygen removing particles which all these turn a healthy human cell into a fermenting cell where glucose is made in the cell and causes the epidemic disease in America spreading to other parts of the live short lives world, no sugars that block nutrients, no sugars that block vitamins, no sugars that disguise pica disease where essential nutrients, essential vitamins, essential basic egg, fish, JESUS word is necessary to give thanks JESUS: praise JESUS, new garments and grace ascending promotions Hi " blindside " at Jason Deli Victoria Film Festival Quinton hears it here as beauty Cameron still promotes health in a book, the fish and the potato. Faith as Jonah ran from the message and was thrown overboard where even a Whale knew where to help a message that is not our OWN fault not our Parents fault, not beauty Oprah's OWN fault but we are surrounded by those that have removed the key to knowledge that people's sin shall find them out, those that do not wear the wedding garments are thown out into outer darkness not by me or you but by JESUS FATHER as the KING makes the marriage as we all with 7000 and Elijah will live from everlasting and to everlasting with free chariot rides to and from JESUS HEAVEN. JESUS virtuous beauty Jennifer"s Book written on Free will, Joy unspeakable and full of glory " Wonderlust " " Just go with It "


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