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Day 1: “I’ll give the soundtrack a bit of a listen, because everyone is making such a fuss… Wow, how impressive is it that they go out there and do this every night? Pretty catchy too.”

Day 2: You smile to yourself, "This is pretty clever". Some songs are starting to stand out as favorites. You're humming along. You stop listening to other music.

Day 3: You’re working on the lyrics, but you’re still tripping over the verses. You may for instance, be unable to say things right, like, “I’ve been reading Thommon Sense by Commus Paine.” You interrupt conversations to passionately sing any lyrics relevant to the conversation. Your friends and family are understandably starting to get annoyed.

Day 4: You Wikipedia all the 18th century US politics you’ve forgotten and you basically take everything the musical puts forward as fact.

Day 5: The first time you aren't able to listen to the soundtrack all day, don’t worry, it’ll be playing very loud in your mind. You stare at a ten dollar bill and whisper, “You worked so hard.”

Day 6: After subtle attempts to introduce friends and family, you just give up and start ranting about everything Hamilton did and how he’s been forgotten. You unintentionally use song lyrics and titles in your discussion of history.

Your friends and family:

You agree to stop playing the soundtrack non-stop, but they're equally displeased with your silent dancing and mouthing of the words.

Day 7: Even though you’ve been listening to it all week and are well aware how it ends, you tear up in your car listening to Eliza in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.”


Are you obsessing over Hamilton?


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