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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

With the newest trailer for Batman vs Superman coming out, it has shown a lot of easter eggs and even made some fans predict ridiculous theories that I would like to call ridectable theories! It's so predictable it's ridiculous! For this post I would like to predict my own ridiculous theory of what is going to happen in the movie Batman V Superman. And if I'm right, you heard it here first!

Firstly, you know that desert dream sequence that Batman is having? Well what if I told you that that wasn’t a dream at all? What if it is actually happening but close to the end of the movie?

Now allow me to explain How this will pan out in the movie with my theory below:

The first part will have Lex Luthor holding a banquet. But why is he holding it to begin with, and why is Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne invited to this event? The answer to that is simple. It is a distraction. Now you may wonder what is Lex distracting them from in the first place? The answer to that my friend, is also simple. Lex stole Zod’s body to conduct some secret experiments.

Those experiments involve cloning Zod, so that he can create a monster that can destroy Superman! But they wanted to make him “harder, better, faster, stronger”! In so doing, the clone of Zod evolves and adapts to everything that tries to kill him. Lex then gives the clone the codename Doomsday, because he will bring an end to Superman as we know it! But how do we get to that part in the trailer? Don’t worry I’ll tell you soon enough.

While Lex is keeping the cloning under wraps, he tries to find all the dirt on Batman and Superman. Once he has succeeded in finding out their true identities, he then introduces them to each other at the banquet and gives subtle hints that they are not who they say they are. Which then leads to them developing trust issues with each other. And since they have different opinions about each other, they will eventually have an ultimate showdown! "The Bat of Gotham versus the Son of Krypton!"

In the middle of their fight, Doomsday randomly appears and tries to kill Batman with his heated ray vision. Hmm... Who does this remind you of, I wonder?

Then suddenly, Wonder Woman blocks the beams with her shield. There they are, The Trinity in the Justice League united for the first time to fight the ugly baddie, Doomsday! That my friends, will be an awesome sight to behold!

Now here is where it get’s interesting. In the midst of all this turmoil, Superman is forced to fight the alien alone, because he is the only one who can stop the clone of Zod AKA Doomsday.

After taking tremendous beatings from Doomsday, Superman finally puts an end to the brute’s life, but in return ends his own. That’s right! Superman dies from killing Doomsday.

After this tragic event, they hold a funeral in memory of the fallen hero. It will then fast forward a few months in the future where an unknown villain will disturb the peace. Let’s say it’s somebody that Lex is paying to be another distraction… or a pawn for his sick game, if you will. This will get the attention of Batman and Wonder Woman to try to stop the villain. It later becomes too much for them to even handle.

Suddenly, Superman flies in to the rescue! Everybody is at an awe, because they just saw Superman return from the grave, but how... is the question?

Here’s the kicker. That isn’t Superman! Nope… it’s a clone that Lex cooked up in a lab after taking Superman’s saliva when he died.

At first people will think he is THE Man of Steel, but then they’ll notice his ridiculous strictness on the crime rate. He basically acts like the Robot Santa from Futurama!

It is later shown to us that the clone of Superman is under Lex Luthor’s command. I mean why else do we have the scene where Superman is bowing down to Lex? It makes perfect sense! I mean Luthor even has Kryptonite in his possession for Heaven’s sake!

But then later in the story, the clone gets a little out of hand and begins to have his own order and even his own followers. Hence these costumes baring his logo on their jackets.

Now Batman, being the awesome detective that he is, begins to investigate and finds out from Lois Lane that Clark Kent is missing but Superman is around. Meaning that this Superman is not who he says he is. Batman then goes under cover to try to find the real Superman and kill the real one in return. But Batman is suddenly captured and placed in the hands of the evil clone Superman!

Now in the movie Superman: Doomsday, the real Superman comes back from the dead and kills the bad Superman! That would be cool if this movie ended that way! But what if the twist is that being a clone of Superman has minor defects? What if this Superman clone becomes Bizzaro Superman? It would make for a perfect twist in the franchise and would actually tie everything together in the end.

What do you think… Is this how Batman V Superman will end? Let me know in the comments below!


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